Contact details and FAQ

Need more information about our online application process?

  • I have found a position that matches my interests and qualifications – what do I do?
  • It’s the first time I apply for a job with Maersk – anything I need to know?
  • Can I make attachments to my application?
  • How do I send my application?
  • What is the Candidate Profile?
  • What is the Candidate Pool?
  • What is the Job Agent?
  • Why am I being asked to fill in a questionnaire?
  • What happens if I don’t verify my e-mail address?
  • Can I change my e-mail address?
  • What happens if I change my candidate profile while an application is pending?
  • How do I know whether my application has been received?
  • I've forgotten my login password. How can I access my data again?
  • I have registered twice using different e-mail addresses and I only want to have one profile; what do I do?
  • When I try to register, I get the message "Please login as a registered user here, or specify a different email address”:
  • Can I upload a resume/CV containing pictorial characters?
  • Which are the correspondence languages available?
  • When attaching documents to my application, what size and format should they be?
  • Which browsers are supported for submitting an application?

Application process

  • How is my application evaluated?
  • When can I expect to hear from you?
  • Do you use assessments or tests?
  • What happens if I’m invited for a first interview?
  • What happens at a second interview?
  • Do you charge any application fees or other fees?
  • How long does the recruitment process take?

Data Protection

  • Do you have a data protection procedure at Maersk?
  • What data is stored with Maersk?
  • How long is my data stored with Maersk?
  • Do you have further questions?