Offshore careers

Would you thrive on the excitement of an offshore job?

Offshore work refers to all the jobs on an oil or gas drilling platform or rig out in the sea. The work is suited for people who thrive on unpredictability, unique challenges and excitement.

One single rig can be workplace and home for hundreds of people at any given time. This fact, coupled with the nature of the work and your location in the middle of the ocean means the offshore experience is invariably intense, adrenaline-fuelled and all-consuming when you are out on the rig on duty.

Where are Maersk offshore opportunities?

There are offshore opportunities wherever Maersk is involved in oil exploration, production, drilling or service activities revolving around maritime drilling platforms.

The opportunities are far-ranging – both professionally and geographically – as Maersk has interests all over the world, and in many sectors of the energy industry.

A.P. Moller - Maersk offshore jobs. Where do you fit in?

Offshore jobs come in many shapes and sizes. Depending on the rig, the jobs can be grouped into categories including Maintenance, Drilling, Marine and Administration.

The leadership roles are usually filled by highly-skilled personnel with an engineering background: Well Site Engineers, Process and Operations Engineers, General Managers and more. These specialist jobs can also be accessed via targeted entry-level training programmes, such as the Maersk Drilling fast-tracking driller-trainee programme for recently graduated Marine, Mechanical or Civil Engineers.

There are also a myriad of entry-level opportunities for fit and motivated relatively unskilled personnel who are prepared to work hard and learn quickly – for example, as deckhand, assistant chef, painters, or the physically-demanding, ‘roughneck’ and ‘roustabout’ roles.