Driving gender diversity


Maersk is committed to driving gender diversity in what is traditionally thought of as a male dominated industry. Why?

Over the past 30-40 years there have been significant demographic and perception changes that have created a valuable pipeline of female talent across many new and untraditionally female industries. The workplace has changed and is continuously changing engaging both men and women in creating an equal opportunity and performance driven place to work is essential to our continued success. We need to be able to attract and retain from the entire global talent pool to ensure that we have the very best people contributing to the success of Maersk.

What are we doing?


Recruitment & Selection

Searching the widest talent pools for opportunities across levels.

  • Understanding whether women are applying for roles at the same rate as men, if not why not?
  • Ensuring we are hiring from the widest talent pools
  • Understanding Unconscious Bias in recruitment and selection
  • Measuring the diversity of our recruitment


  • Building an inclusive culture where all of our employees can perform at their best.
  • Working with leadership teams to develop inclusive leadership
  • Ensuring everyone has access to the tools they need to be successful in their roles
  • Maersk Breakthrough Network


Understanding diversity in our talent reviews and selection

  • Understanding the impact of Unconscious Bias in our talent reviews
  • Ensuring we have diverse pipelines that are able to lead us into the future.

Development & Transition

Development programs for female managers

  • We run a number of internal and external development programs for female manager and above employees
  • The programs are run as we acknowledge that at Maersk there are fewer women than men at senior levels. We therefore choose to invest our resources in bridging this gap.

In addition we are committed to taking part in external research that may help us to identify opportunities to drive gender diversity at Maersk such as the ICEDR Report on Millennial Women.

We will always follow our guiding principles and only make selections for roles and promotions by choosing the best person for the job.