Our culture: diverse, dynamic, unique

Ask any Maersk employee and they will tell you that the culture at Maersk is international and dynamic.

Lasting success built on performance - and value-driven culture

If you had to sum up the reasons for the Maersk success story in two words, we believe those words would be performance and values. At Maersk, we choose the best people and we encourage and enable each individual to perform their very best within highly professional teams, acting within the framework of our company’s values.

We’ll provide the opportunity to achieve, and your achievements will be well rewarded. But our focus is always on long-term, sustainable performance – and to achieve this, we believe it is essential that all our decisions are guided by a shared framework of ethical values.

A.P. Moller - Maersk values

Constant care

Take care of today, actively prepare for tomorrow


Listen, learn, share, and give space to others


Our word is our bond

Our employees

The right environment for the right people

Our name 

The sum of our values: Passionately striving together


The A.P. Moller - Maersk values: Constant care, Humbleness, Uprightness, Our employees, Our name

Our values anchor us in all the business we conduct. Living these values means conducting business in a highly principled manner - so our name is always synonymous with being a decent, dependable and respected business partner.

Through Constant Care and Humbleness, we strive to prepare for the future, whilst bearing in mind that our customers and competitors are essential to our ability to improve. In our daily work, the values of ‘Uprightness’ and ‘Our Employees’ mean that transparency and accountability in everything we do go hand in hand with being an inspiring, challenging place to work. Living by our distinctive values results in a shared passion and commitment to continually striving higher.

The customer comes first

Our values are closely linked to our founding family, and have helped us earn and keep the trust and goodwill of customers and business associates across the globe.

Our values guide the way A.P. Moller - Maersk employees behave and interact with others – whether they work in Beijing, Kazakhstan, Nigeria or Honduras. They unite our global workforce, ensuring a continuity of service and customer experience that distinguishes us from our competitors.