Hub partnership

Redefining collaboration model between Maersk Line and APM Terminals in strategic important terminals.

Hub Partnership

Project introduction

'Hub Partnership' was a joint project between Maersk Line (ML) and APM Terminals (APMT) to realize synergies between the two companies. Particular, the focus was to reduce cost leakage and increase operational performance in selected key transhipment hubs. Though both ML and APMT are owned by the Maersk Group, they run as separate companies, with independent headquarters, management, financials etc., meaning collaboration and realization of synergies between the two is not always straight forward.

In the 'Hub Partnership' project the role of Maersk Management Consulting (MMC), together with the business, was to bring the relevant functions of ML and APMT together and establish the organizational setup between the two companies including; organizational chart, reporting lines, governance structure and yearly operating cycle.

Hub Partnership

What we did

Established the organizational setup for the ‘Hub Partnership’ covering a range of different tasks, including, among others:

  • Study other industries to learn from best practices when establishing partnerships between two separate companies, e.g. the airline industry 
  • Interview stakeholders throughout the organisations to understand visions for the setup and various pros and cons
  • Build the new organization, including organisation chart and reporting lines
  • Establish governance structure for the partnership, including annual operating cycle, escalation guidelines, investment process, and performance framework

Covering the wide range of tasks, the MMC team did everything from desk-top research to facilitating workshops with senior management and defining job tasks at all levels of the organization, from employees on the ‘ground floor’ to senior executives.

Hub Partnership

Outcome and feedback

The 'Hub Partnership' project delivered a new organisational setup between the two companies with large cost reduction, from operational efficiency and closer collaboration cutting waste. The feedback from the client was overly positive, stating that they could not have done this without the help of MMC.