Saurabh, Project Leader

Project Leaders at Maersk Management Consulting are experienced professionals with +4 years of consulting experience, including previous project management responsibilities. Meet our Project Leader Saurabh.


My path to MMC

I still remember the first conversation I had with the then head of MMC over a video conference. The idea of starting a new consulting office from scratch for a leading global conglomerate, and that too in a rapidly growing logistics market – I was sold from the get-go!  

Why I joined MMC

Having worked 4 years in an external consulting environment, I was looking to go back to a corporate role. Critical considerations for me were that the new organization should be global and the role should provide opportunities to not only leverage my experience, but also to continue my learning and development. MMC provided that right balance, where I could fit in seamlessly in terms of the nature of role, and also grow in new dimensions – particularly the entrepreneurial side of me!

Every day at MMC is an opportunity to learn and make a difference!

Saurabh, project leader

Most rewarding part of my job

Every day at MMC is an opportunity to learn and make a difference! We work on the most burning issues for Maersk and have been part of some of the highest impact projects over the past few years. To be part of this organization at such a critical juncture, where the entire industry is under transformation, makes this experience especially satisfying.    

What I’d like to share about MMC

Right from the day I joined, MMC has been more of a family for me. We sit in two distant offices, and travel all around the globe for our projects. We may not see each other all the time, but every time I meet my colleagues, I can feel that warmth instantly. MMC is a smart, ambitious and yet grounded group of consultants– who believe in going the extra yard to deliver top quality output and also know how to maximize on the fun! 

What do in my spare time

My hobbies and interests keep evolving over time, although keeping myself fit has remained a consistent theme. At the moment, I am learning to play the guitar and I harbour the ambition of playing in front of a big audience some day!