Engineering cadet programme

The Maersk Engineering Cadet Educational Programme is our world-class training opportunity equipping you with the skills and qualifications you need to be a marine engineer.

Education and Training

The Engineering Cadet Education Programme prepares you for a technically-oriented maritime career. Your focus will be the engine room, and the operation and maintenance of the marine equipment, as opposed to deck tasks such as navigation, ship-handling and cargo handling.

The training is a broad-spectrum technical and mechanical – targeting senior and specialist jobs in maritime engineering. Topics covered include management, mechanical engineering, electrical certification, automation, design and systems maintenance management. These skills are highly sought after in the industry and a fully-trained marine engineer can look forward to a successful career wherever they choose.

If you continue in the field, the prospects for your future are bright. As Chief Engineer, for example you will be responsible for the overall operation and maintenance of all technical equipment on board.

As with all entry-level jobs at Maersk, you will be trained in the Maersk core values, our culture and in leadership, and be offered a motivating atmosphere for your own professional development and personal growth.

Who we are looking for

Recruitment criteria vary depending on your country of application. In all our country offices, however, we are looking for motivated, hard-working and enthusiastic young people, with good general health and good eyesight and a school leaver’s certificate (16 plus) as a minimum. Please see specific requirements for your part of the world.

What we offer

The Maersk Engineering Cadet Scheme prepares you for the wide-ranging and important responsibilities of a marine Engineer. As a qualified marine Engineer, you will be responsible for the safe, efficient, timely running of a vessel’s propulsive and auxiliary systems and equipment. You will contribute to the monitoring and completion of the maintenance schedule for a vessel’s propulsive and auxiliary systems and equipment. You will also assist in looking after the overall safety and security of a ship and its personnel.

Interested in joining the programme?

You can fill in the online application at any time during the year. Applications are processed and a shortlist drawn up in late autumn/ winter, interviews are held in spring, and the Maersk Cadet Educational Programme starts the following September.

The recruitment process varies from country to country. Please be sure to check the specific application procedures in your local area to make sure you don’t miss any crucial deadlines.

Please submit your CV in PDF or Word format with maximum size of 5 MB
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