Shared Value

Some global sustainability challenges are particularly related to our business operations and at the same time in need of collective and collaborative solutions. By taking action in our own business and establishing partnerships and other alliances, our ambition is to create new opportunities for progress on systemic challenges.

Here you can read more about ship recycling, how we reduce CO2 emissions in shipping and our work with enabling trade.

Climate Change

We will collaborate to find ways to decarbonise logistics, while improving our CO2-efficiency and developing low-carbon offerings to our customers

Inclusive trade

We will help multiply the benefits of trade by improving conditions for businesses and industries to participate in global trade through investing in digital solutions to facilitate trade, and support for the full implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

Ship Recycling

We will continue to create change on the ground and engage with shipowners and other stakeholders to accelerate change

Measuring our impact on society

A.P. Moller - Maersk has been conducting socio-economic impact assessments since 2009. These studies are an important tool to advance our knowledge of Maersk’s development impacts across economic, social and environmental dimensions