Help multiplying the benefits of trade

Help multiply

It has been estimated that this can add USD 1 trillion to global GDP, reduce worldwide trade costs by an average of 14.3% and create 20 million new jobs. The World Bank also estimates that when trade barriers are removed and costs are reduced, lower-income countries will benefit the most.Over the last four years, we have invested in projects and advocacy to enable more people to become part of global trade. The majority of projects are now being scaled up. In 2017, we stablished joint venture company working on Global Digital Trade, continued to improve on the Fromtu platform, launched two tools on Connect Americas platform, and carried out two studies of the total transport and logistics costs in Kenya and Ghana on behalf of the WTO Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation. We will continue to focus on enhanced trade facilitation in the shape of simplified, modernised and aligned export and import processes.

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