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A unique recipe for success

Experimentation is a buzzword in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) world today. An influx of younger, more open-minded buyers has accelerated that trend. Consumers want products that are different and authentic, with 73% of Asian shoppers demanding innovation, but from brands familiar to them.* Our latest e-book details innovations in the supply chain that can help forward-looking F&B companies succeed in Asia-Pacific.

Here’s a short preview of its contents:
  1. Keeping an eye on things: Unlocking better visibility in the FMCG supply chain.
  2. Speed to consumer matters more than ever: The need for agility in F&B logistics.
  3. The keys to compliance: Managing health and safety concerns and customs.
*Source: Retail in Asia

The journey of Prickly Porcupine Chocolate Manchow Instant Noodle Cup

Food and beverage companies in Asia-Pacific need to adapt to bring newer and bolder flavours to the table. However, product experimentation is the first step. The second part involves reaching the right market and at the right time and cost. Here is where a supply chain that promotes product experimentation at scale and speed while mitigating the risks involved can make a difference.

In our new infographic, we’ve broken down the journey of a new food product from source to shopping cart. We’ve also highlighted the vital components behind a successful end-to-end supply chain and how it helps support innovation at every step.

Flavoured cup noodles

Stir up your F&B supply chain with integrated solutions from Maersk

Supply chain management
Supply chain management
Streamline your setup with unified data-based inventory management.
Digital integration
Enable seamless deliveries with integrated rail, truck and depot services.
Maersk Solution
Maersk Flow
Optimise your logistics with advanced visibility for improved task execution.
Inland services
Inland services
Enable seamless deliveries with integrated rail, truck and depot services.
Warehouse and Distribution
Warehousing & Distribution
Enhanced inventory and distribution management for all your cargo journeys.
Customs Services
Simplified global customs and a smooth compliance process with local expertise.

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