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We connect Ethiopia and North America better.

Strengthening fashion ties

Ethiopia is the fastest growing supplier to North America, up 100% since October 2018. The country's rise as a sourcing star comes at a time when the fashion industry is choosing to work with fewer supply chain stakeholders due to many considerations – speed to market, lower costs, flexibility, operational efficiency, to name a few. But perhaps mostly importantly, international fashion brands are looking to strengthen relationships with strategic logistics partners.

How we can help

Along with the depth of industry expertise we’ve gathered over years of working with some of the world’s largest sports and apparel brands, we’ve now got the capability to integrate and simplify your supply chain like never before.

Add to that, our ability to provide faster transit times and more frequent departures, and you’ve got a logistics solution that ensures fashion stores and e-commerce channels are stocked with the latest collections. A win-win for both manufacturers and retailers.

Strengthening Ethiopia-North America Fashion Ties

There’s a lot to look forward to

Oversized cargo
Seamless Logistics

For imports of raw materials from Asia to Djibouti, trucking from Djibouti to factories in Ethiopia, and finished goods from Ethiopia to North America, we can simplify your logistics experience through a single point of contact.

Optimized Resources

Our flexibility enables you to transport goods from multiple suppliers in one container, and to use the same container for imports and exports.

Speed to Market

Maersk rail services from Modjo, Ethiopia speed up transit times and ensure that production cycles are met.

Dedicated expertise
Dedicated Expertise

Your business is backed by our team of specialists with an extensive knowledge of the fashion industry and its seasonality.


You can now plan and prioritize better with end to end visibility.

Fixed price

Our proven security systems safeguard your merchandise. Should you need a tailor-made system, we can develop that for you too.


With the lowest CO2 shipping emissions in the industry and a dedication to transparently reporting your supply chain’s impact, we can help reduce your carbon footprint.

Jay Jay Textiles’ business expansion journey

Jay Jay Textiles is a reputed textile manufacturer catering to leading brands and retailers in the US and EU. They were battling challenges due to multiple uncoordinated handovers within their supply chain that disrupted their operations. Through our tailor-made lifestyle logistics solutions, they succeeded in reducing cost inefficiencies and achieving their ultimate goal of expanding their operations.

Lifestyle logistics solutions - A little girl trying to choose a dress from the couple she is holding.

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