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Maersk Air Freight is expanding its aircraft fleet to meet your need for reliable and agile logistics. Swiftly transport your time-sensitive and high-value cargo worldwide, and fly past supply chain disruptions that may arise from port congestions, labour shortages or strapped capacity. Air Freight easily combines with our ocean and inland transport, as well as warehousing and customs services to power your supply chain in more ways than one.

To help our customers meet the increasing demands of end consumers and create more resilience and agility in the supply chain, we launched Maersk Air Cargo as our main offering, which fulfils the integrated logistics needs of our clients. The service will progressively deploy and operate aircraft in a controlled capacity – two new B777F and six B767F. Three new B767F freighters will also be added to the US-AP-US sectors and the others will be added on EU-AP-EU sectors.

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Take off with Senator International

Our official acquisition of Senator on 2 June equips us better than ever before to help our customers cope with the rapid rises in global demand. Maersk’s end-to-end solutions are further boosted by Senator’s expertise, to keep your supply chains flexible, reliable, fast and easy.

The acquisition helps enhance our Air Freight offerings in a number of ways, including doubling capacity by providing transportation to over 90 countries, achieving greater connectivity from the Greater China Area to North America, Europe, and enhancing integrated offerings beyond air, with specialized services such as packaging, warehousing and distribution across five continents.

Even as new challenges emerge, the combined expertise of Maersk Air Freight and Senator International will continue to help you access a world of opportunities, and keep your business moving seamlessly around the world.

Close-up of a senator flight

Unlock global markets from Asia-Pacific

Expand your business’ reach with regular and reliable air shipments to and from key markets and destinations around the world. Maersk Air Freight now has following major stations in Asia-Pacific.
  • Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Tianjin, Qingdao, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Taipei
  • Incheon, Narita
  • Jakarta, Singapore, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines
  • Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Auckland, Christchurch, Lautoka, Suva

For complete stations list, please download our brochure here

Map showing destinations in Asia-Pacific

Connections from Asia to Europe and beyond

Our dedicated round-trip charter helps seamlessly connect your business from Hong Kong to major European destinations. Reliable departure schedules enable better supply chain execution, while space is guaranteed for your dense and high-volume cargo. Weekly roundtrip uplifts allow us to handle your import and export journeys, from door to door, and airport to airport.

Our network covers the following sectors

(Westbound) from Hong Kong & surrounding areas in South China to major European destinations via Liege.
(Eastbound) from major European cities to China, South East Asia, Australia & New Zealand via Hong Kong.

Map showing Asia to Europe route

Why integrate with us?

There’s a lot more to Air Freight than just speed

A non-stop supply chain
With flexible transportation modes and complete end-to-end solutions, move your cargo seamlessly across land, ocean and air. Real-time tracking enables you to adapt swiftly to changing demands and manage inventory more efficiently.
Flexible and more reliable
Fly past supply chain speed breakers with the agility to stock up or scale down with seasonal demands with strategically networked warehouses in Asia and across the world, enhanced ground control and expert customs clearance services.
Tailored to every need
No matter the size of your shipment, create a modal mix that meets your need for speed. By streamlining the flow of information across different modes of transport, now have more control over your supply chain with a one-stop logistics partner.
Adapt to changing demands
With our owned fleet of air freight capabilities, speed up deliveries to strategically respond to changes in demand while enhancing efficiency, reducing operational costs, improving inventory management and staying competitive in new markets.

Explore our Air Freight services

General Air Freight

Maersk Air Freight now owns significant aviation assets to fly your goods without any interruptions. Our strategic partnerships and global network ensures an unbroken supply chain all over the world. With end-to-end logistics solutions, gain better control of your cargo for more reliable deliveries.
Flex Hub
Priority Air
When time is critical move your cargo on the first available service with transit times of 24-72 hours.
Premium Air
When you need flexibility, daily departures offer 72-120 hour transit windows from airport-to-airport.
Circled dollar Pictogram
Economy Air
When costs matter, a consolidation service with weekly departures gets your goods delivered in 120-168 hours.

Air Charter service

When you need customised solutions

Meet differentiated cargo needs that regular air freight is unable to offer with the exclusive use of an entire aircraft. Whether delivering to destinations with limited inland networks, or having a continuity plan in times of crisis - deliver on time, every time with the ability to choose when and where to fly.

Fly past disruption

Charter Services
Aircraft on ground
No scheduled flights available
Oversized cargo
Odd-sized cargo
Dangerous goods cargo

Meet our Air Freight experts

Contact our team of experts directly with any of your business needs through apamktairfreight@maersk.com, and we shall get back to you within 48 hours.
A picture of Marcus Ng- Head of Air Freight - Asia-Pacific
Marcus Ng
Head of Air Freight
A picture of Justin Barrow, Head of Air Freight & NTS Greater China Area
Justin Barrow
Head of Air Freight & NTS
Greater China Area
Yohei Sato
Head of Air Freight
A picture of Carrie Yap, Head of Air Freight Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore
Carrie Yap
Head of Air Freight
A picture of Alex Paton, Head of Air Freight Australia/New Zealand
Alex Paton
Head of Air Freight
Australia/New Zealand
A picture of Tuyen Nguyen, Head of Air Freight - Vietnam/Cambodia/Myanmar
Tuyen Nguyen
Head of Air Freight
A picture of William Abrams N P, Head of Air Freight Indonesia/Philippines
William Abrams N P
Head of Air Freight

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