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Overcome supply chain disruptions with truly integrated logistics solutions.


Introducing Maersk Air Freight services in Europe

Maersk Air Freight is expanding its services to and from Europe to meet your need for more reliable and agile logistics. As a standalone service, it enables you to fly past any disruption and swiftly transport your time-sensitive, high-value cargo to its destination. When combined with our ocean, inland, warehousing and customs services, it can power your supply chain to be more agile, robust and ready for any challenge that comes its way. How are we spreading our wings to take your goods further and faster?

  • Expanding our own-controlled network via Maersk Air Cargo, our freight airline
  • Six B767-300 freighters to become operational in 2022 and 2023
  • Two Boeing B777F freighters to be deployed by 2024
  • Doubling global capabilities with the acquisition of Senator International
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Addressing the rise of E-Commerce demand in Europe

There is no denying the impact that the surge in online shopping has had on logistic supply chains in Europe. Nearly 79% of European customers between the ages of 25-54 years shop online. This puts immense pressure on retail, FMCG and lifestyle supply chains to deliver on time in the age of disruptions. The key to future-proofing your supply chain is resilience. Find out how Maersk Air Freight combined with end-to-end supply chain solutions can help you build robust supply chains with agility, visibility and digitisation.

Addressing the rise of E-Commerce demand in Europe

Prepare your supply chain for the next Black Swan Event

The European market has been facing wave after wave of disruptions. The pandemic, the Suez canal incident, the Ukraine war have had a massive impact on business supply chains. It is clear that the old maxim of just-in-time must be replaced by just-in-case strategies to ensure the uninterrupted movement of goods. This requires supply chains to be always ready to react to any unforeseen change. Learn more about how integrated solutions like Maersk Air Freight, LCL, Data Integrations are helping to improve reaction times and reduce the impact of Black Swan events.

Prepare your supply chain for the next Black Swan Event

An important piece in your logistics puzzle

As an increasing number of customers seek greater agility and resilience in their supply chain, estimates suggest that the volume of goods being transported by air will more than double by 2035. To cater to the rising demand, Maersk has announced the intended acquisition of global freight forwarding company, Senator International, which has its own-controlled capacity and operations across Europe, Asia, South Africa and America.
Maersk Air Freight

Why integrate with us?

There’s a lot more to Air Freight than speed

A non-stop supply chain
With flexible transportation modes and complete end-to-end solutions, move your cargo seamlessly across land, ocean and air. Real-time tracking enables you to adapt swiftly to changing demands and manage inventory more efficiently.
Flexibility pictogram
Flexible and more reliable
Fly past supply chain speed breakers with the agility to stock up or scale down with seasonal demands with strategically networked warehouses in Europe and across the world, enhanced ground control and expert customs clearance services.
Tailored to every need
No matter the size of your shipment, create a modal mix that meets your need for speed. By streamlining the flow of information across different modes of transport, now have more control over your supply chain with a one-stop logistics partner.
Connecting pictogram
Adapt to changing demands
With our owned fleet of air freight capabilities, speed up deliveries to strategically respond to changes in demand while enhancing efficiency, reducing operational costs, improving inventory management and staying competitive in new markets.

Touching down on more runways around the world

Expand your business’ reach with regular and reliable air shipments to and from key markets and untapped destinations. Maersk flies to and from over 90+ countries thanks to our acquisition of Senator International, own controlled services via Maersk Air Cargo and our Strategic Partner network. Our partnerships with major global airlines enable you to reliably book space and move cargo across the world, 24/7, all year round.

An illustration of the world map depicting Maersk global air freight service connectivity from Europe to other regions.

Explore our Air Freight services

General Air Freight

Maersk Air Freight now owns significant aviation assets to fly your goods without any interruptions. Our strategic partnerships and global network ensures an unbroken supply chain all over the world. With end-to-end logistics solutions, gain better control of your cargo for more reliable deliveries.
Flex Hub
Priority Air
When time is critical move your cargo on the first available service with transit times of 24-72 hours.
Premium Air
When you need flexibility, daily departures offer 72-120 hour transit windows from airport-to-airport.
Circled dollar Pictogram
Economy Air
When costs matter, a consolidation service with weekly departures gets your goods delivered in 120-168 hours.

Air Charter service

When you need customised solutions

Meet differentiated cargo needs that regular air freight is unable to offer with the exclusive use of an entire aircraft. Whether delivering to destinations with limited inland networks, or having a continuity plan in times of crisis - deliver on time, every time with the ability to choose when and where to fly.

Ideal for:

Aircraft on ground
No scheduled flights available
Oversized cargo
Odd-sized cargo
Dangerous goods cargo

Sea-Air Services

Combining air transportation with our multimodal services such as Maersk Sea-Air gives you the benefits of lower ocean shipping costs as well as the fast transit times of air freight. Experience seamless end-to-end services with a single point of contact, a single set of transportation documents and one unique shipment reference that allows you to track your cargo from origin to destination. We connect Asia to Europe, Africa and the USA via Dubai, where the ports are designed to move your cargo from vessel to aircraft as fast as possible.

Maersk sea-air

Need more answers?

Battling supply chain disruptions can raise more questions than answers. For a quick understanding of its impact and more importantly, the solutions on how to respond to them, do read our list of frequently asked questions.

Battling supply chain disruptions can raise more questions

Meet our Air Freight experts

Alessandro Ricci
Head of Air Freight
Central Mediterranean Area
Karolina Marajda
Head of Air Freight
Eastern Europe Area
Sjeng Aerts
Head of Air Freight
North West Continent Area
Photo of Harun Bilen, Area Airfreight & LCL Product Manager Eastern Mediterranean Area
Harun Bilen
Area Airfreight & LCL Product Manager
Eastern Mediterranean Area
Sebastian Schmidt
Head of Air Freight
Scandinavia Area
Hervé Houte
Head of Air Freight
South West Europe Area
Paul Waller
Head of Air Freight
United Kingdom and Ireland Area

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