Twice as fast

Move your goods between the Far-East and Europe in just half the time.

Your cargo will move faster from Japan, Korea, China to Europe and back

AE19 is a fast round trip service with ocean connection from Far East Asia to Vostochniy, rail connection from Vostochniy to St Petersburg, and ocean connection from St Petersburg to Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

However, speed is just one of the benefits that come with our latest Ocean – Rail – Ocean service.

Enjoy a wide range of benefits

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2 X faster
Move your cargo between South Korea, Japan and Europe at a faster pace. Using our fast track preferences on rail in Russia and transit based on TradeLens technology.
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Lower costs
Minimize your transportation costs to a 3rd of that of the air freight. And improve your cash flow with quicker transit times.
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IMO cargo acceptance
When it comes to transporting dangerous goods, you can rely on our decades of experience in handling and shipping the same.
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More support
Seek dedicated support. Get your rail quotations, bookings and other miscellaneous services between Asia and Europe with ease.
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Option for urgent orders
We offer the option to change Ocean orders to AE19 for urgent requirements.

AE19 – Ocean-Rail-Ocean

AE 19 Map

Gain a competitive edge with this service

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