Good corporate citizenship

The Maersk Tax Principles have been approved by the Board of Directors and apply to all entities controlled by A.P. Moller - Maersk.

We shall observe Maersk values, act with integrity and maintain good corporate citizenship in handling the tax affairs of Maersk by complying with applicable regulations, acting in an upright manner towards public authorities and paying taxes as required by law. This means that:

  • In each country in which Maersk has controlled activities, we shall identify applicable tax laws and regulations, including transfer pricing rules. We will ensure that these are complied with in accordance with the applicable guidance andpractices.
  • Where the tax regulations governing business transactions allow for different interpretations or choices, Maersk will adopt a tax position which must be justifiable and defendable.
  • For all major transactions where a tax position must be adopted, the following procedures will apply:
  •   We shall make a technical assessment and where the intention of the law is not clear obtain an external opinion.
  •   We shall evaluate reputational risk in the light of commercial purpose and substance, alignment with business activities, clarity of tax position, the documented intention of the legislator and the complexity of transactions.
  • We shall structure our business in accordance with our commercial and economic activities and only engage in tax planning which fulfils both of the following criteria:
  • compliance with the relevant legislation; and
  • our evaluation of acceptable reputational risk.
  •   We shall only adopt a tax position if we are prepared to defend it in the appropriate tribunals or courts.
  • We shall refrain from claiming or accepting exemptions not granted according to the statutory, regulatory, or administrative frameworks related to taxation, financial incentives, or other issues.
  • We are committed to follow established and agreed upon procedures and channels when dealing with tax authority officials.
  •  In international tax matters, we shall follow the terms of the applicable Double Taxation Treaties, EU regulation and relevant domestic, OECD and UN guidance.

Tax principles

The Maersk Tax Principles have been approved by the A.P. Moller - Maersk Board of Directors and apply to A.P. Møller - Mærsk A/S and all controlled entities.