Global Employee Relations

All our employees will be treated fairly in a safe and healthy working environment. We foster constructive and productive working relationships between managers, employees and employee representatives.


The issue

A positive relationship with our employees is fundamental to our success as a business. This begins with ensuring respect for internationally recognised labour standards in all our workplaces, as described in the Commit Rule on Global Employee Relations.

Maersk Principles of Global Employee Relations

All our employees are protected by the Maersk Principles for Global Employee Relations. The Principles are derived from International recognized standards such as those from the International Labour Organisation and the United Nations. We are also a member of UN Global Compact. 

Maersk Principles for Global Employee Relations - Download PDF here

What we do

We are committed to respecting the Maersk Principles on Global Employee Relations, wherever we operate. We conduct periodic assessments of working conditions in all our entities and integrate the findings. 

We provide a mandatory e-learning on Global Employee Relations to enhance the awareness on labour rights and the Maersk Principles on Global Employee Relations. We also offer a specialised training for employees working with manning agencies, where we explain the Third-Party Code of Conduct. Potential non-compliances can be reported through the whistleblower hotline. You can also contact us on

As due diligence, we have carried out a company-wide self-assessment of the compliance with our Principles on Global Employee Relations in 180 entities worldwide. Based on the assessment, we have initiated improvement actions in specific areas. 

We recently established a set of guiding principles to support the implementation of technological innovations in the workplace. The guiding principles will support management teams in their journey together with the employees and their representatives, towards the workplace of the future and will ensure dialogue and timely communication. We engage in open and constructive dialogue and collective bargaining with trade unions representing our employees.