Air emissions: SOx and NOx

Air emissions from ocean-going shipping have negative effects on human health and the natural environment. We support regulation which will significantly reduce these effects. But, without a level playing field in terms of compliance and the enforcement of regulation, the competitiveness and profitability of compliant issues will be hurt.



Our key ambition is to comply with air emissions regulations and drive regulatory enforcement towards a level playing field. 

Targets 2018

Maintain or implement solutions that will enable full compliance with regulatory demands. Develop positions, alone and with others, that are deemed to level the playing field. Fully comply with regulatory demands. 

Progress 2018

4 non-compliances with existing legislation for emissions of SOx from ocean-going transport. Contributed to the IMO negotiating a carriage ban as enforcement mechanism for 2020 global cap on sulphur dioxide content in fuel. Operationally prepared for compliance with the global cap. 

Targets 2019

Fully comply with regulatory demands and continue to invest in maintaining and implementing solutions that will enable this. Actively engage at international and regional levels to secure a level playing field across the industry. 

Read more on page 30 in our Sustainability Report 2018.

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