Responsible procurement

A.P. Moller - Maersk continues to manage our direct suppliers through our programme for responsible procurement, which is focused on suppliers in high-risk categories. The list of categories was changed in 2017 to reflect the new company structure and strategy. As part of this approach, we engage with approximately 1,500 suppliers out of the 20,000 suppliers with whom we have a contract and a total population of 100,000 suppliers. We engage through audits, self-assessments and documentation reviews, and establish improvement plans if the review findings indicate a need for these. Our activities in 2017 included an increase in the number of self-assessments performed by suppliers and more audits performed by us than in the previous year. This is a result of the changes made to our responsible procurement policy in 2016, where supplier assessments are integrated into the overall supplier due diligence, and for some categories an audit is now mandatory prior to signing of a contract. In 2017, we additionally placed an increased focus on trucking. 

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