The Maersk Group makes thousands of purchasing decisions each year, with a large share of these decisions made at the local level. Our suppliers are spread across the globe and work in accordance with varying standards and cultural norms. Our responsible procurement work aims for continuous improvement, capability-building and risk management, while also recognizing the diversity of practices in our supply chain.  

The Responsible Procurement Portal allows for suppliers to register and apply to be an approved provider within the Maersk Group. The portal and process for approval is not intended as  a means of disqualifying or punishing suppliers. Instead, it is meant to help them better understand sustainability performance and to build up capacity and management systems for improving their own performance. Registration on the portal does include legally binding contract terms, on-site audits or improvement plans.

Suppliers in scope for the programme are: 
  • major/high spend and strategic suppliers, 
  • suppliers of products with high risk of social and environmental impact, and 
  • suppliers of the Group’s branded products   
We apply group-wide criteria for determining risk, and focus on suppliers with a potential critical impact on our business.