Our commitment to reduce CO2

We strive to promote energy efficiency and CO2 reductions across the industries in which we work, and focus our efforts on where we can reap the greatest benefits, namely within our shipping activities which are responsible for around 90% of the Group’s CO2 emissions.

While our size in shipping comes with a significant footprint, it is through the economies of scale of our vessels, new technologies and network optimisation that we in shipping can contribute to a solution.

Our Group-wide target is a 20% relative CO2 reduction by 2020 (2010 baseline). By the end of 2013 we had achieved a 17% reduction.

Maersk Line's goal is a 40% CO2 reduction by 2020 per container (2007 baseline), and by the end of 2013 Maersk Line had reached a reduction of 34% per container.

We will continue our efforts to reduce the CO2 it emits to transport goods by ship.