Investing in Education

We will unlock growth for society and Maersk by investing in relevant training and education.

The challenge

Individuals and societies need access to high quality education to develop and prosper, not least in the emerging market economies. In many of our growth markets, we are facing a shortage of local expertise and skills. This makes local hiring and procuring difficult – which then again hampers business growth and economic development in the country.

Unlocking growth – for society as well as for Maersk – relies in part on a skilled and competent workforce. In many parts of the world, not least in emerging economies that are important growth markets for our businesses, there is a skills mismatch between labour market needs and the education levels of the workforce.

A strategic focus

We believe that there is potential to create both societal and business value through a Group-led investment in capacity development of vocational technical education in countries that are important growth markets for our businesses.

Maersk Investing in education 2

Investing in training and education

Locally, Maersk businesses are already highly engaged in education projects around the world: in 2015 our current investments in education projects were spread over 111 projects across nine businesses and 33 countries.

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Maersk Investing in education

Benefits for society

Communities where Maersk invests in education enjoy more education and training opportunities to support employment, local enterprise development and acquisition of new skills and technologies.


Benefits for Maersk

Maersk benefits from attracting and retaining qualified staff in highly competitive talent markets, and from improved reputation and brand in important markets. Tapping into a larger pool of talent and developing a workforce and stronger supplier base for our industries benefits our growth strategy and the long-term stability of our operations.

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