Energy Efficiency and
Climate Change

We will unlock growth for society and Maersk by enhancing our CO2 efficiency and promoting efficient supply chains.

The challenge

The global challenge is to increase trade and economic opportunities for a growing population and mitigate climate change at the same time.

Our response: Promoting energy efficiency

Our commitment to reduce CO2

Our commitment to reduce CO2

We strive to promote energy efficiency and CO2 reductions across the industries in which we work, and focus our efforts on where we can reap the greatest benefits, namely within our shipping activities which are responsible for more than 80% of the Group’s CO2 emissions.

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Support the development of efficient supply chains

In 2009, the World Economic Forum estimated that the transport and logistic sector has the potential to reduce its total emissions by 50% through efficiency improvements in the supply chain.

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Learn More About Our Sustainability Strategy

Download Maersk's Sustainability strategy or continue exploring our other core priorities.
Sustainability strategy 2014-2018

Read more about our approach in the Sustainability strategy.

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Investing in education

We will unlock growth for society and Maersk by investing in relevant training and education, contributing to building the skills base in growth markets.

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Enabling trade

We will unlock growth for society and Maersk by improving conditions for businesses and industries to participate in global trade.

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