Enabling Trade

We will unlock growth for society and Maersk by improving conditions for businesses and industries to participate in global trade.

The challenge

Various obstacles continue to hamper trade. Lack of infrastructure, corruption, burdensome documentation processes, supply chain inefficiencies, lack of logistics know-how to mention just a few. What these issues all have in common is that they make trade much more expensive and difficult than it should be.

Our response: Reducing external barriers to trade

Our approach

Our approach

To reduce some of the many external barriers to trade, we will collaborate with stakeholders – from government bodies, infrastructure planners to the local farmer - to increase their knowledge of transport and logistics.

Understanding the impacts of trade

Efficient trade environment

We support the development of more efficient trade procedures and shorter transport times. We serve on the steering committee of the WTO Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation, comprising governments, international companies and organisations.

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Improving access

Businesses may be unable to access international supply chains and markets due to lack of scale, export and market knowledge, investment or logistics capacity. Maersk will support selected initiatives that enable higher levels of competitiveness.

Influence discussions

The absence of quality transport and infrastructure can undermine businesses' participation in global trade. Maersk will engage in and influence discussions on infrastructure, transport solutions and technologies to enable countries and businesses.

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Benefits for society

Continuous trade expansion and access to global markets can help generate economic development, stimulate job creation, increase people’s income and raise living standards. This is beneficial especially in growth markets where the cost of logistics may be twice as high compared to mature markets.

Benefits for Maersk

We have a vested interest in seeing trade growing and countries prospering from increased exports and imports. By taking an active role in addressing trade barriers we aim to be the chosen transport and logistics provider facilitating the increased trade growth and in that way develop profitable markets.


Our work on enabling trade is governed by the A.P. Moller - Maersk Sustainability Council which approves and funds projects. The sustainability department in the Transport & Logistics division drives the enabling trade work and programme development in collaboration with external stakeholders and Maersk representatives from across the world.

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