Our Sustainability Strategy

Our sustainability strategy focuses on unlocking growth for business and society, by leveraging our capabilities to deliver impact and drive change within energy efficiency and trade. At the same time, we continue to integrate sustainability in our operations, mitigating risks and raising performance levels. In 2016, the education program was put on hold, as the business case was no longer valid. An update of our sustainability strategy is being initiated in 2017.

Unlocking growth for society and Maersk

Focusing on three key priorities while maintaining responsible conduct.

Energy efficiency

We will unlock growth for society and Maersk by enhancing our CO2-efficiency and promoting efficient supply chains and infrastructure.

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Enabling trade

We will unlock growth for society and Maersk by improving conditions for businesses and industries to participate in global trade.

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Responsible conduct

Our responsibility agenda focuses on mitigating risks and raising performance. We carry out efforts to continuously improve performance on anti-corruption, responsible procurement, labour standards, health and safety, environment, diversity and inclusion.
Health and safety

Health and safety

With safety, we all work towards a common goal.

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We are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment.

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We have zero tolerance towards corrupt behaviour and participate actively in the fight against corruption.

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Social responsibility

Taking action to integrate social responsibility into our business practices.

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Responsible procurement

Continuous improvement in suppliers’ relations.

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We aim to provide our stakeholders with a balanced view of our position and performance.

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Read about our strategy, our impact and our positions.

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We have been fortunate to receive a number of prestigious awards for our work with sustainability.

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Successful resolution of sustainability issues will rarely occur through the power of the individual company, state, NGO alone. Only when joining forces can significant change take place and alter the premises and solutions space for those involved.

Established partnerships may break down traditional barriers of competition or opposition, when partners come together to explore how they can join forces to achieve an ambitious target.

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