Procurement for Suppliers

Based in Copenhagen, Group Procurement coordinates procurement for the Maersk Group. Since 2001, we have been developing long-lasting, mutually beneficial 

relationships with a large number of suppliers across the world.

Group Procurement is responsible for sourcing goods and services in the Group, selecting suppliers and negotiating agreements. Once the agreements are in place, the various companies within Maersk typically deal directly with the supplier. Group Procurement itself does not make any transactional purchases.

Our suppliers

It is our firm belief that there is more to procurement than just cost. We want to create business partnerships with suppliers, offering them worldwide business opportunities with the Maersk Group and ensuring the best total cost of ownership for the products we buy.

We are always interested to hear from potential new suppliers. If you are interested in working with the Maersk Group, read about our sourcing process.

Benefits for both sides

Any supplier working with us enters into a joint partnership. Once a Frame Agreement is in place, we invest considerable resources to ensure that your products and services are available throughout our organisation. We work with you to promote and create cross-Group awareness of your products, so both sides benefit from our business together. 

Group Procurement’s vision is to be a leading-edge procurement organisation. One way of achieving this is by creating win-win situations for ourselves and our suppliers and unlocking the value in their propositions. 

Group Procurement’s mission is to achieve substantial total cost savings and create value by improving the quality of the products and services received by the Maersk Group.



The Group Procurement sourcing process consists of six steps

The Maersk procurement sourcing process consist of six steps – qualification, tender, workshops, negotiations, implementation and supplier relationship management.

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The e-Sourcing tool gives vendors an opportunity to bid and compete fairly for Maersk business

e-Sourcing is used in the Maersk Group as a facilitator in our sourcing process. The e-Sourcing tool gives vendors an opportunity to bid and compete fairly for Maersk business. The Maersk Group recommends that suppliers and partners embrace the e-Sourcing process and utilize the benefits offered by e-Sourcing tool.

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Category management

We are managing direct and indirect categories

The categories we manage are divided into two main groups, direct categories with impact on our core business and indirect categories related to our administrative activities.

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General purchasing conditions

An overview of the general purchasing conditions for the Maersk Group

General purchasing conditions for the Maersk Group

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Career in procurement

Vacancies in Procurement. Are you ready for a career move?

The Maersk Group is a truly global company, and we can provide our employees with unmatched global career opportunities. To keep the management skills of our senior strategic sourcing employees up to date, we offer advanced training at the world’s most respected business schools.

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Responsible procurement

Prioritizing long-term sustainable partnerships with suppliers