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Stock footage

Find stock footage for the Maersk Group and select Maersk companies.
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World largest ship


For media requests concerning stock images for the Maersk Group or select Maersk companies, visit the site link below to find both high resolution and low resolution images.

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Environment and climate change

Film Clips

For media requests concerning stock video clips for the Maersk Group or specific Maersk companies, please refer to the stock footage page link here.

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Trade Reports

Our Trade Reports provide an overview of trade in different parts of the world.

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Press Contacts and Maersk Companies

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If you need to contact a specific Maersk company in regards to press and media here is a list of the Press contacts within each company.

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Maersk Group Executive Board

At Maersk, the Executive Board consists of the Group’s CEO and CFO, along with the CEOs of the four companies that are the main focus of our investments in strategic growth.

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Connecting with Maersk’s companies

Interested in a particular Maersk company? Visit our company profile here to learn more and move on to each individual website.

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Press events

See the major events for the Maersk Group during the year
Interim Report 2nd Quarter

13 August 2015

Interim Report 3rd Quarter

6 November 2015

Capital Markets Day

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