Jackie, Business Analyst

Business Analysts at Maersk Management Consulting are top bachelor graduates hired for full time roles, internships or part time positions during masters’ studies. Meet our Business Analyst Jackie:


My path to MMC

I attended a presentation about Maersk Management Consulting during my study track’s introduction program and found their work fascinating right from the start. When the position of business analyst opened up, I applied right away. From there, the process was straightforward and comparable to the application processes of external consultancies.

Why I joined MMC

The reason I joined MMC is that it allows me to dive into the world of consulting while taking my Master’s degree at the Copenhagen Business School. I seized the opportunity to apply what I learn at business school to real life projects. As a business analyst you are given responsibility right from the start, which I think is a great opportunity to develop oneself, not only professionally but also personally.

At MMC you get a lot of senior exposure - even at junior levels
Jackie, Business Analyst

Most rewarding part of my job

What I find the most rewarding part of my job is to see that my work really contributes to the team’s work as a whole. For example, when preparing documents, which will be presented to the client later, you can see that you are making an impact even though you are at a junior level.

What I’d like to share about MMC

At MMC you get a lot of senior exposure - even at junior levels. Also, the direct involvement with the stakeholders and clients is very motivating.

What I do in my spare time

Copenhagen has a lot to offer and there is always something new happening in the city, be it new restaurants or a new art gallery opening up, or a concert taking place. I like exploring the city and all its different facets in my free time.


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