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Career opportunities with Maersk in over 130 countries around the world.

From transporting the cargos that make global trade possible, to securing the supply of energy to keep our world moving forward; We are Maersk, and we are always looking to expand our team around the world.


There is a wide variety of opportunities within the Maersk Group throughout the African continent.

From transporting the cargos that make global trade possible, to securing the supply of energy to keep our world moving forward; We are Maersk, and we are always looking to expand our team around the world.

Join Maersk in Angola

Maersk Oil and Maersk Drilling have been operating in Angola since 2005, and since then our activity there has grown substantially.

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Join Maersk in Ghana

Maersk entered the shipping business in Ghana in the 1950’s – and our shipping company Maersk Line has run fixed daily schedules out of Ghana ever since. Other Maersk Group companies operating in Ghana include Damco and APM Terminals.

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Join Maersk in Nigeria

Maersk Line is in Nigeria to help transport the increasing trade and cargo where and when it needs to be. Damco, APM Terminals, Maersk Drilling, Safmarine and Maersk Supply Service are also present in this dynamic West African region.

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From shipping in the United States to oil exploration off the shores of Brazil, the Americas play a vital role for many Maersk companies. 

The Americas Region embraces widely different economies, and Maersk can offer a huge array of opportunities for exciting international careers in North, South and Central America. Key countries for Maersk in the Americas are the United States, Brazil and Mexico


Join Maersk in Brazil

Maersk Group companies are widely represented in the growing Brazilian market. There are a variety of international job opportunities in shipping, logistics and energy.

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Join Maersk in Mexico

In Mexico, the Maersk Group focus is on shipping, port services and logistics.

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Join Maersk in the US

Maersk Group is involved in energy exploration and production in the Gulf of Mexico – run out of Houston, Texas, and has a multiplicity of transport, logistics and other opportunities across the entire nation.

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Maersk Group offers a wealth of opportunities in a variety of business areas in the thriving Asian market.

Asia includes both developed and growth markets, and the region is an indispensable part of Maersk Group business. Maersk Group has varied activities spread across the entire continent. Key countries include India, China, the Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore. On any one day, you can expect to find hundreds of vacancies across Asia, often more.


Join Maersk in China

The Maersk Group Chinese network is extensive. Maersk Line alone has operations and offices in more than 32 locations along the 14 000 km of Chinese coastline. Maersk Line, MCC Transport, Damco, Maersk Container Industry, Maersk Global Service Centres and APM Terminals are all present and operating within China.

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Join Maersk in India

The hub of Maersk activities in India is in and around the natural deep water harbour of Mumbai, the Gateway to India. Mumbai has been a major international trading port since the 18th century. Maersk companies operating in Mumbai are Maersk Line, Safmarine, Damco, Maersk Global Service Centres and APM Terminals.

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Join Maersk in the Philippines

Maersk activities converge in the industrial/commercial Manila municipality of Pasig. Here you can find the headquarters of many of our Philippines-based companies such as APM Terminals, Maersk Line, Damco and MCC Transport. Manila is also home to one of five Maersk Global Service Centres.

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Join Maersk in Singapore

The Ports of Singapore are key to the facilitation of trade through the strategic Straits of Malacca. Maersk Group activity – both in shipping and oil & gas - includes the following companies Maersk Line, Maersk Tankers, Maersk Drilling, Damco, MCC Transport and Maersk Supply Service.

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Join Maersk in Vietnam

In Vietnam, Damco and MCC Transport logistics companies have three key hubs: in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Hai Phong. APM Terminals provide port services at the major international terminals in Ho Chi Minh and in the recently opened Cai Mep mega port in southern Vietnam.

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Founded in Denmark in 1904, the Maersk Group still conducts a significant part of its business in Denmark and surrounding countries in Europe.

The group’s largest business unit, and the world’s largest overseas cargo carrier, Maersk Line, is headquartered in Copenhagen. The same offices also function as the entire Maersk Group functional headquarters, and headquarters for many of the brands in our group Outside Denmark, Maersk Group activities are widespread throughout Europe. There is a hub in the Netherlands, where you can find the headquarters of APM Terminals in The Hague, and extensive activities, too in the U.K., Norway and Belgium.

Join Maersk in Denmark

Many of the Maersk Group companies are headquartered in Denmark, and are regularly looking for new talented individuals that are resourceful and solution oriented.

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Join Maersk in Norway

Maersk Group’s oil and gas-related enterprises in Norway - Maersk Oil, Maersk Drilling and Maersk Supply Services - all operate out of the south west coast ‘Oil Capital’ Stavanger. Maersk Line Norway is headquartered in Oslo, but has local offices at all major Norwegian ports.

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Join Maersk in the UK

The U.K. can offer job opportunities within the full spectrum of the Maersk Group’s activities: Transport, Energy, Offshore, Retail, Manufacturing and more.

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