Maersk Post #4, November 2016

Around the world, Transport & Logistics sees a gap in service it plans to fill; Costa Rica and Kenya provide examples. Meanwhile, early work on Culzean in the North Sea is a showcase in the skill set of Maersk's Energy division, where Maersk Drilling now offers virtual rig tours.


The Pokémon experience for new business

In a first for the drilling industry, Maersk Drilling has teamed up with Danish tech start-up Kanda to create a virtual reality rig, allowing customers to take a tour without ever leaving the boardroom.

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Big data to boost efficiency

With the help of digital industry giant General Electric, data from a large number of sophisticated sensors on a drilling rig are now being processed and analysed online. The objective: To increase drilling productivity and reduce maintenance costs significantly.

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Shipping solar energy

Solar energy is on course to meet 20% of global energy needs by 2027 and Chinese producers dominate the industry. Trina Solar is the world’s no. 1 in deployed capacity and in a recent tender, Maersk Line was awarded 50% of the Chinese company’s volumes.

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Responsible ship recycling

As a minimum, yards that Maersk collaborates with must be certified according to the Hong Kong Convention.

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