Platform jacket sets sail for the North Sea

The wellhead platform jacket for Maersk Oil’s Culzean gas development sets sail from the Heerema Fabrication Group’s (HFG) Vlissingen facility in the Netherlands for its installation in the North Sea.


The jacket – the stable platform that will be the basis of the production facility – was started and has been completed much earlier than the other infrastructure for Culzean to give plenty of time to drill the high-pressure wells, which typically take longer than conventional wells.

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The North Sea recreated in a chilly garage

Maersk Oil has worked with Maersk Training to build a simulator that mimics the real working environment offshore as closely as possible. 460 people will be training here in conditions that are safe and secure, reinforcing classroom learning with hands-on experience.

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The wrench, the screwdriver and the iPad

Operators on Maersk Oil’s Culzean platform in the North Sea will be as likely to carry a tablet as more traditional tools. Advanced information management will mean more data can be stored in a more easily accessible format – making the whole operation more efficient.

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