At Maersk our focus is not on what we do, but how we do it.

The Maersk culture is built on heritage, sustained through innovative thinking, and prided for the level of trust it has earned throughout the years. Without our employees, none of this would be possible. For over a century, Maersk has been doing business in industries where trust means everything. The secret behind Maersk’s reputation as a credible and valuable business partner is its people. In every business unit, in every office around the world, Maersk has always been driven by a strong team spirit, and an even stronger sense of pride. At Maersk, every employee is empowered to achieve and surpass their potential, while remaining focused on creating lasting business relationships and long-term, sustainable success. 

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Our culture and values

Shaping the way we do business through our heritage

Maersk’s culture

The Maersk Group is diverse in every sense of the word — commercially, geographically and in terms of the people who work here. Ask any Maersk employee and they will tell you that the culture at Maersk is international and dynamic. The secret of the company’s success can be summed up in two words: performance and values.

Maersk encourages and enables every employee to perform to the best of their abilities within highly professional teams, acting within the framework of the company’s values. The focus is always on long-term, sustainable performance, which is why all decisions are guided by shared ethical values.

Building trust for four generations

Our values are closely linked to our founding family, and have helped us earn and keep the trust and goodwill of customers and business associates across the globe.

Maersk’s values

The values of the Maersk Group help the company conduct business in a highly principled manner. 

The Maersk name is synonymous with being a decent, dependable and respected business partner. “Constant Care” and “Humbleness” are about striving to prepare for the future, whilst bearing in mind that customers and competitors are essential to improvement. “Uprightness” means that transparency and accountability go hand in hand with being an inspiring, challenging place to work. Living and working by these distinctive values result in a shared passion and commitment to continually strive higher.

Our employees

World-class opportunities for high-calibre talent
Katie Milroy

Katie Milroy enjoys the hard work, determination and creativity involved in exploration.

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Willem Postma has been sailing for almost thirty years, the last eight as a captain.

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Mana Saravi joined the Maersk International Technology and Science (MITAS) graduate program.

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Many of today’s challenges are tougher and more complex than ever before. Oil reserves are harder to reach, global trade demands new levels of efficiency, and people are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of human industry. Finding solutions to these challenges mean pushing the boundaries of technology and possibility. 

Maersk is always looking for resourceful and innovative thinkers to work throughout the group’s businesses. Tackling today’s complex challenges demands a solution-oriented approach that combines different sets of information and data.

Lars Lübker, Container Technology Manager at Maersk Container Industry describes the appeal of his job: “If we want to design a new floor construction for a container, first off we have to mimic the harsh environment it will see throughout its lifetime. That means that we have to do destructive testing — we have to slam and bang the container, we have to break it, we will drive a heavy forklift inside, and we will see destruction. Once we’ve seen destruction we can build something new, and try to improve it, then retest it. If it doesn’t break, then it’s OK. Then we’ll use it.”

A commitment to recruiting the best talent involves a commitment to career-long training and education. This ensures that Maersk and its employees stay ahead of the marketplace.


At Maersk our strong focus on diversity is a natural outcome of a company with a strong talent focus, mindset and culture. This commitment to diversity goes hand in hand with a commitment to inclusion: all employees are valued and treated with respect at all times. Discrimination and harassment are not tolerated. This creates a workplace with an open and vibrant culture – where people are free to be themselves, do their best, inspire others and realise potential for themselves and their teams.

The customer comes first

Maersk Group values have helped the company earn and keep the trust and goodwill of customers and business associates across the globe. They guide the way Maersk Group employees behave and interact with others – regardless of where they are in the world. Maersk’s values are the binding element that unites its global workforce, ensuring a continuity of service and customer experience that distinguish Maersk from its competitors.

The world market has opened up to us thanks the Maersk Line's reefer containers.
Peter Nderu, Partner at Keitt Exporters Kenya Ltd.

The way Maersk works

A rewarding culture that offers outstanding opportunities for international success
Your workplace

The world is your workplace

Maersk makes sure that people with the right combination of experience, energy and ambition are given the opportunity to advance and develop throughout their careers.

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Maersk Management Consulting

Strategy, growth and turnaround

Maersk is committed to providing a positive, productive and supportive working environment where all employees are valued and inspired to be the best they can be. The key to Maersk’s success in the competitive industries of energy and shipping is their continuous commitment to improving hardware and investing in training. Through investments in new technology and cutting edge hardware, Maersk aims to set new standards for energy efficiency and employee safety.

Maersk’s values form an integrated part of the way every company in the group does business. They guide corporate behaviour and ensure that every decision is ethically sound, and strengthens the corporate culture.

The Maersk Group possesses great strengths and offers significant opportunities to accomplish truly extraordinary things. But constantly changing market conditions mean that the company must keep adapting and seeking out new opportunities.



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