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Maersk Line North America update, July 15 2017

Thank you for your patience and continued business. We are very grateful to see that so many customers are using our systems in full, and are back in contact with our customer service teams. In case any of you are concerned about booking new shipments with us, we would like to reassure you that we are ready to handle your business through our booking channels.

You can refer to our latest updates for North America on this page:
You can refer to the latest DAMCO customer advisories on this page:

We would like to update you on the following:

Operations: Terminals, Vessels, Rail and Truck 

Expected APM Terminals Gate Capabilities 

Please continue to take advantage of opportunities at our APM Terminals facilities. All gates are open and functioning. We’d like to give a special thanks to our partners at APMT for their exceptional efforts over the past two weeks.


Ocean Services
Vessels are operating normally. Please view our sailing schedules at https://my.maerskline.com/schedules

You can reference this matrix provided by Blue Water Reporting to view our transit times. Please note that these transit times are estimates and may not reflect previously published proforma times.

Inland Services
While we continue to gradually restore our systems across many facets of our business, our progress at every stage of our service is not linear. Our promise is to remain committed to our customers and provide honest and transparent progress of our efforts as we restore our delivery, dispatch and other inland services to their full abilities. We thank you for your support and patience and would like to provide you with the following update on our inland services:

U.S. Reefer Local Haulage
If you wish to expedite the turn-time of your reefer cargo, by reducing driver turn times at terminal locations, you can notify Maersk Line of your preference to collect cargo without a genset. Approval of “no genset” should be submitted by one of the parties on the bill of lading prior to cargo pickup.

Please contact:  US.import@maersk.com

Please include the following information on company letterhead:

  • Booking number
  • Container number
  • Arrival terminal
  • Commodity
  • Ultimate destination for unstuffing (and distance to that location if available)
  • Individual making the request
  • Include the statement:
    "-----(requesting party)------ authorizes -----(terminal)----- to release the following container from its terminal without a genset.  -----(requesting party)----- will hold Maersk Line harmless of any damage to the commodity caused by, and only by the product being delivered without a genset."

Special Cargo Quoting


We are delighted to confirm that we have successfully restored rate sheet delivery functionality. As applicable, you will receive rate sheets through normal channels in conjunction with any future adjustments to prices.

Surcharge Exemptions

Maersk Line United States and Canada has suspended invoicing for the following services when provided between June 27th and July 12th, 2017:

  • Manual Documentation Fee (MDF)
  • Switch Transport Document Service (SWC)
  • Courier Fee (AES)
  • Telex Release Service (TLE/TLI)


Bookings are still being submitted successfully. You can continue to make bookings, view sailing schedules, submit shipping instructions, pay with MyFinance, track and trace shipments, and access and print Bills of Lading at my.maerskline.com!

*Please keep in mind that at the moment, you will not receive an email notification after making a booking on my.maerskline.com.*

We've prepared instructions to guide you through how to Print Bills of Lading via web: http://bit.ly/printbls.

Import and Export Customer Service Contact

Good news! Our Customer Service Hotline (1-800-321-8807) is up and running. Due to the increased volume of calls and emails this week and inquiries that have arisen since the incident, you may experience a longer than usual wait time. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work through your all of your inquiries.

We appreciate your reaching out to us and would like to assure you that you now have access to numerous digital solutions available on maerskline.com and my.maerskline.com.

Export Teams can be contacted via either:

Import Teams can be contacted via either:

Import Cargo Release and Payment

Credit Customers:
Cargo Release will be immediate if you have credit approved with Maersk Line prior to June 24, 2017.

Cash Customers:
Please show proof of payment, such as invoice copy, wherever possible or alternatively a B/L copy which would enable to Maersk Line to collect accurate payments. 

Email Integrity

Each system we use is being reviewed and tested before we re-enable them.  Rest assured that the emails you are receiving from us are confirmed to be safe.  Our emails will end with @Maersk.com, @Maerskline.com, @Safmarine.com, @Sealand.com, @Damco.com and @APMTerminals.com

We continue to post on social media via the following channels:

Your Maersk Line North America Team


Safmarine Updates

Import and Export Customer Service Contact
For Safmarine shipments, we invite you to get in touch with us using the following contact details: 

Customer Service Phone:

  • +1 866-866-4723


Surcharge Exemptions
Safmarine North America has suspended invoicing for the following services when provided between June 27th and July 12th, 2017:

  • Amendment Fee (AME/AMI)
  • Manual Documentation Fee (MDF)
  • Switch Transport Document Service (SWC)
  • Courier Fee (AES)
  • Telex Release Service (TLE/TLI)

Your Safmarine North America Team