Maersk Advisory Update July 20th 2017

Dear customer,

We would like to provide you with an update regarding cyber security, to which we have received a number of queries over the last weeks. Your logistics and supply chain security is of utmost importance to us, and we hope this will help answer your questions as best we as can at this stage.

While we are conducting a forensic investigation into the virus attack, our efforts are primarily focused on full recovery to return to our normal customer service levels as quickly as possible.

In response to this new type of malware, we have put in place different and further protective measures. Due to confidentiality we cannot share details on these measures at this stage.

Has Maersk lost any data through the virus attack?

While our operations and communications have been significantly affected by this virus attack, no data breach or data loss to third-parties is known to have occurred as of this date.

Are customer systems connected to Maersk at risk of infection?

It has been confirmed by the leading cyber crime analysts and agencies that, while the virus spreads rapidly within a company's network, the virus does not spread between networks or across the internet. Our experience confirms this.

Was Maersk properly patched?

This virus attack was a previously unseen type of malware, and updates and patches applied to both the Windows systems and our antivirus were not an effective protection in this particular case.

Once our service has returned to more normal conditions, we will conduct a full post-mortem. Thereafter, we will engage closely with customers and partners to share lessons from this incident and ensure you can benefit from our learnings. We have truly appreciated the numerous offers of assistance that we have received from customers during this process.

We remain determined in our path toward full recovery, which will see us serving your business and your shipping needs effectively again.

Thank you!

Maersk Advisory Update July 17th 2017

Dear customer,

We would like to get this week underway with a brief update on some of the activities that matter to your business.

Notifications on

As shared last week, we will switch on ETA change notifications tonight. If you are subscribed via or have a direct EDI solution, you will start receiving these again. You may experience some inconsistencies as it relates to your transport plan information; the latest ETA change notification you receive will reflect the accurate ETA.

You will not receive retroactive notifications to the changes to your transport plan which have occurred over the last three weeks. You can still look up your transport plan on at your convenience.

Notifications on Arrival and Bill of Lading have been active throughout this situation, meaning you will continue to receive these as usual.

Track your container on the Maersk Line app

We are happy to share that we expect the Maersk Line mobile app to once again support Tracking for Android devices tomorrow, Tuesday. We anticipate the iOS version to be up and running by end of this week. Existing users are encouraged to download the upgrade required to access Tracking.


You have already received short-term rate sheets for July and we are working on sending you updated August rates within this week as per normal procedure. The online rate request form and short-term quotes for dry cargo via standard emails have been delayed, and will be available again Monday next week.

For quotations on reefer cargo please contact your local sales person who will be happy to help you.

Furthermore, we are again open to quoting on your Special Cargo. We invite you to email to get a quote for your break bulk, in gauge, out of gauge and project cargo.

Invoicing on MyFinance

Your invoices are available on under MyFinance and are being sent to customers with an EDI link. We are still working on restoring relevant local applications to send invoices to you by email with local variations, which is expected within Monday next week.

We acknowledge that while overall progress is being made, you may still encounter delays in response time in some locations. We assure you that we are clearing the final parts of the backlog while working hard to support your new business.

Thank you for your patience, trust and support.

The Maersk team

Maersk Advisory Update July 14th 2017

Dear customer, 

We hope you have had a good and productive week. We would like to provide you with a brief update on our road to full recovery.

Transport Plan Notifications

We know that transport plan notifications from are important to the planning of your logistics and supply chain. After extensive work in clearing the backlog, we will re-activate this feature on Monday and start sending out notifications, including ETA. Until then, you can look up your transport plan on at your convenience.

Cargo Readiness & Shipping Instructions

Our priority is to keep your cargo moving. Starting Monday, we will resume the cargo readiness check-list and reach out to you for missing activities required to load your cargo as planned.

You can help us by submitting missing Shipping Instructions through This becomes even more important as we transition into normal advanced manifest and customs compliance procedures in full during next week.

How can we help you?

Tracking containers, viewing transport plans, documentation and invoices are some of your most pertinent queries. We kindly encourage you to utilise where you will find all this information and more, in a speedy way. We also continue to keep you informed on latest local status via and your regular local contacts.

We wish you a great weekend and thank you once again for your persistent patience, trust and understanding. We are grateful to have customers like you.

The Maersk team

Maersk Advisory Update July 12th 2017

Dear customer,

We would like share with you a mid-week update, as we are steadily getting closer to business as normal.

We are very grateful to see that so many customers are using our systems in full, and are back in contact with our customer service teams. In case any of you are concerned about booking new shipments with us, we would like to reassure you that we are ready to handle your business through our booking channels and main customer service lines.

We are very pleased to share that we are now fully up-to-date on the short-term quotations you requested. We look forward to responding to all your new rate inquiries. As previously advised, we honor all rates communicated and have retroactively reflected those agreements for the shipments in our custody.

Furthermore, we recognise the disturbance caused to your business, and will therefore waive Demurrage and Detention during the period when the system outage impacted our ability to release your cargo. In most places this period covers June 27 – July 9, but there may be local variations based on when the containers were made available for import release.

We are also progressing on issuing invoices. You will be able to see your invoices on under MyFinance as of tomorrow, Thursday, and invoices will be sent to customers with an EDI link. Local variances may occur and the distribution of invoices will take place over the coming days.

For your imports, the delivery process continues to be operational, although we acknowledge that the experience is slow in some locations due to manual processing. We are working hard on improving within this week as we switch to automated solutions.

We acknowledge that where progress is being made, you may still encounter delays in response time and feel reluctant to return your full booking volumes with us. Rest assured that no one feels more committed to alleviate your concerns, and we are diligently working through backlogs and manual processes to be able to serve you effectively again.

Tracking on is now fully up-to-date and where you find guidance to plan your shipments is now also live again.

As we move into more normal operations, we will be providing you updates three times a week; therefore, next communication will be on Friday.

Thank you once again for your continued trust, understanding and for your business.

The Maersk Team

Maersk Advisory Update July 10th 2017

Dear customer,

We hope you enjoyed your weekend and are having a great Monday. Hereby a brief update to return to serving your business normally and effectively again. Fortunately we are servicing both Import and Export customers close to normally.

The work we did over the weekend now enables you to track your containers on and the Maersk Line Mobile App for load and discharge up until July 9th.

As shared yesterday we have started sending out rate sheets again. We have to acknowledge that their distribution takes longer than we expected. We will therefore only be current by midweek. We will also by the middle of the week start issuing invoices again.

Main customer service lines are now working in all but one location and we are also almost back to normal as it pertains to getting back to you on your email inquiries. We keep working to resolve your issues as fast as possible.

We continue to keep you informed on and via your regular local contacts.

Thank you very much for your business and patience.

The Maersk teams

Maersk Advisory Update July 9th 2017

Dear customer,

For most of the world today it is a day off. Therefore, today's update will be very brief and hopefully will not take too much of your time.

For us, all our focus is on getting ready for a strong start tomorrow morning.

We have, for the last couple of days, been successful in bringing many of our systems back online. With these systems comes an immense amount of data that will need to be reconciled manually from logs created during the last week into our systems. We continue to make great progress on getting most of our main Customer Service phones up and running. We're diligently working through your email inquirers. Finally, we have been able to have tracking data up to 8th of July available on

Wishing you all a great rest of your day and we look forward to connecting with you again tomorrow with continued support for your Import and Export business.

Many thanks to you!

The Maersk teams

Maersk Update - almost fully functional

LATEST NEWS: - Updates July 8 2017 at 15:00 CET

Dear customer,

We hope you are enjoying the weekend. On our end, we have continued the efforts and had a good last 24 hours. Therefore, once again here's a quick update on what is now enabled in our pursuit to serve you best.

Our work on restoring continues. We are happy to share that recent schedules changes have now been updated and tracking of your cargo can now be done for any load and discharges since July 6th. We have furthermore enabled the ability to do booking amendments and managed delivery order. This means that is now fully functional only barring the site sending ETA change notifications and quotes out. This can today only be done by our teams.

We are extremely grateful for the many requests for new business we have received the last days and we have now restored our ability to disseminate rates. We will dedicate several resources over the weekend to get relevant rates to you.

We have also put a lot of efforts into responding to the many emails you have sent our customer service teams while we were offline. Since we got access to the system yesterday, we have so far been able to come back to 70% of your requests -the remaining will be responded to asap! We are very grateful for the patience you have shown us, and look forward to being back to our normal responsiveness and customer service.

As shared yesterday, we had a breakthrough on enabling our main Customer Service phone lines, and since then we have brought all markets but India, Pakistan, Ghana, Brazil, Cameroon, Dakar, Ivory Coast, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh onto the system. For your convenience, we have made the main line numbers available on

With what we have experienced, we need to celebrate achievements of even small milestones, but are fully aware that we are by no means done. We keep focused on the recovery and know that there is still a lot to connect and update you on after the systems are up. Our teams remain here for you and look forward to again enabling your business to grow.

Thank you once again for your persistent patience, trust and understanding. We are grateful to have customers like you.

Thank you

The Maersk teams

Maersk Update - Track and trace available

LATEST NEWS: - Updates July 7 2017 at 12:00 CET

Dear customer,

As you have observed from our communications over the last days, our road to recovery is not linear. Fortunately, today we are able to share progress on some of the elements that we know are essential to you.

We are very keen to provide you with the comfort of knowing where your containers are in their journey; therefore, we have been able to restore track and trace on We have worked diligently on uploading the manual data, which we captured during our offline period. At current time you can find updates including load and discharges up to July 2 on We continue to work on this, as well as update recent schedule changes. We hope you will find this level of transparency a positive step forward for your business.

Additionally, we have brought back the functionality of doing booking amendments on This follows our previously announced capabilities to book new shipments, request Delivery Order, print Bills of Lading, and access MyFinance (for invoices before Tuesday, June 27).

In our pursuit of bringing our offering for Import customers up to the right level, we have started sending out Arrival Notifications. We are working through the backlog, and have so far been able to send 70 percent of Arrival Notifications. We keep working day and night at this.

Our Customer Service main lines are also finally enabled, which means you should be able to reach us in an easier way. We are bringing the main lines of local offices back online by the hour, and expect to be fully up and running by close of business today. Once the main line number for your local office is online, we will share it on We sincerely thank you for being flexible and getting in touch with us through different channels – for example mobile phones. We hope you can soon return to your normal rhythm.

It has been an intense week. We have gained so many learnings and thank you for the clear and good feedback you have provided in the process. We value this a lot. Thank you once again for your persistent patience, trust and understanding. We can assure you that we are doing everything we can to be able to serve your business effectively and safely.

Thank you

The Maersk teams

Maersk Line update – more functionalities available

LATEST NEWS – Updated July 6 2017 at 21:00 CET

Dear customer,

We hope your day is going well. Again today we would like to share with you the progress we are making toward full recovery. It is proving to be a long journey with continuous progress but unfortunately also certain areas in which we know we need to catch up now. 

Our business-critical systems and e-channels are up and running. This allows all new business to continue almost as normal. However, as we are still catching up on the backlogs, you will experience slower than normal response. Where we are pleased with the progress we have made to be able to serve customers well on Exports, we are very aware that the import experience has not yet been fully brought up to the level it should be. We acknowledge that not being able to have full visibility of the cargo in our custody causes concerns on your side. We are fully aware of the importance of this and we do not take the questions that rise on the back of this lightly. 

Where many key features (Book, request Delivery Order, print B/L etc.) are available on, we have not yet turned on track and trace due to significant backlog on shipment status update. This is due to the fact that, during the period of disruption, our vessel operations and cargo movement were largely unaffected, but we were not able to load the locations of shipment into the systems. Therefore it could cause confusion to you to turn on track and trace at this stage before the data we registered manually is fully back in the system. We are working hard to complete the update and open the feature to give you full visibility. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding status of shipment, please contact our local customer service. 

We have a tight and ambitious plan that would lead us to be fully up to as close to normal business on serving Imports by early next week.

As previously shared, we do have phone connection in all markets. However, our main customer service lines are still not consistently up across the world yet. In locations where this is the case, you should have been provided with alternative phone contacts on top of emails. 

We have also unfortunately not yet fully stabilized processes for dissemination of prices to customers shipping on short term rates. We are working diligently on addressing this. We will honor all rates communicated and make sure that all changes will be reflected, even retroactively. Also here we hope to be functioning fully early next week. 

We continue to update content on We aim to guide you best on status and implications on local markets until we are fully back to normal everywhere. 

Once again, and importantly for many, we can share and confirm that we as part of the recovery process are applying the updates available for the affected it systems in accordance with the IT vendors recommendations prior to the re-enablement of any systems. The recovery process will allow you, our partners to use and communicate with the Maersk systems again without any risk of being affected by the virus.

Finally – and we can not repeat this enough times – thank you once again for your continued patience, trust and understanding. We can assure you that we are doing everything we can to be able to serve your business effectively and safely.
Thank you!
The Maersk teams

A.P. Moller - Maersk continues the progress towards full recovery from the cyber attack on Tuesday 27 June

LATEST NEWS – Updated July 4 2017 at 22:30 CET

For APM Terminals all impacted terminals are open and operations are stabilising while productivity is increasing. The Maasvlakte II terminal (Rotterdam, NL) is now open for export and import operations via the gate and expects to initiate vessel and rail operations on Thursday.
In Maersk Line the major IT systems are up and Maersk Line’s online booking portal is online. The portal currently supports functionalities such as booking and printing of bills of lading. More functionalities are expected in the coming days and the portal now operates at normal traffic levels.
The work towards bringing container track&trace functionality, all booking systems and other customer facing applications back online is progressing well. The backlog of bookings from the past days is being processed.
Damco remains operational across its main products. Damco is working through significant backlogs of its EDI bookings from the past days.
We are aware of the inconvenience caused to our customers and partners and ask for continued understanding as we deploy all relevant resources to keep the cargo flowing with as little disruption as possible while working towards a normal state of business.
As opposed to previous communication, at this point we understand the source to be a virus also called "Not Petya". We cannot comment further while we continue the investigations into the source of the attack in co-operation with our partners and agencies.