Maersk in Europe

Outside Denmark where the Maersk Group headquarters are located, Maersk Group activities are widespread throughout Europe. There is a hub in the Netherlands, where you can find the headquarters of APM Terminals in The Hague, and extensive activities, too in the U.K., Norway and Belgium.

Maersk and the Danes

Hidden Footprint

The presence of an international conglomerate has a significant influence on a country of 5.6 million people. Maersk went on a journey around the country, talking to Danish businesses and people directly or indirectly affected by the company’s presence.

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From Ebeltoft to Lyngby
11 videos about Maersk in Denmark

Scratch the surface at many Danish ports, universities and companies and Maersk’s hidden footprint might just emerge.


Maersk Group's contribution to Denmark's total GDP (46bn DKK). 

Building the perfect terminal


Robots starting to run things

APM Terminals’ fully automated container terminal, Maasvlakte II, is coming alive – with robots. The automation is one of the reasons why it will be one of the most productive terminals in the world, yet still emission neutral.

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Push a button to save your life

It’s just a large green button and a touchscreen, but APM Terminals expects the ‘Auto Truck Handling’ feature at its Maasvlakte II terminal to turn an inherently dangerous part of the terminal into a safe place to work.

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Building the perfect terminal

From computer-simulated design trials to fully automated cranes that learn and communicate, APM Terminals’ new container terminal in Maasvlakte II in the Port of Rotterdam is being built and operated with data.

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The search for North Sea Oil


A flurry of activity under the North Sea waves

Below the choppy waters of the Danish North Sea, teams of divers are working hard to keep Maersk Oil’s production facilities in top condition. It is a demanding job but one that is vital for ensuring the integrity of the assets to continue production for decades.

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A seismic shift

New innovations in seismic data gathering led to a major breakthrough in Maersk Oil’s Culzean field in the North Sea. But operating in the North Sea is technically challenging, and with the reservoir located 4,300 metres below sea level, Culzean presents unique dangers related to high pressures and extreme temperatures.

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Getting more out of the sea

A new research centre was opened at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), with support from a DKK 1 billion investment by Maersk Oil and its partners in the Danish Underground Consortium, to look at ways of extracting more hydrocarbons from the Danish North Sea.

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Meet the Maersk Interceptor

The largest rigs in the world are designed for year round operation in the North Sea and all four already have long-term contracts.

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Young Turks mean business

Turkey’s economy is making a strong comeback, and analysts are forecasting continued market growth for years to come. In the last decade the Turkish economy has seen 5% average annual real GDP growth. Trade figures are even more impressive. 

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BBC filming in the North Sea

Two BBC film crews have visited Maersk Oil’s Gryphon production site in the North Sea, highlighting the important reserves of hydrocarbons in the area and the business’s expertise in extracting it safely.

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Jobs and Careers at Maersk

Available jobs in Europe

With offices in over 130 countries, Maersk has the scope to help you achieve even your most ambitious career goals. Discover new career opportunities in your local area or wherever you choose in the world.

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Quest for Oil

In a unique online gaming environment, Maersk takes you on a quest for one of today’s most indispensable resources – oil.


The Culzean is a giant gas field almost equidistant between Denmark and the UK, capable of producing up to 5% of the UK’s domestic needs.

Innovative solutions


Spare parts – just press print

In recent years, 3D printing technology has developed to allow printing in plastic and metal. This could be set to revolutionise the supply chain in Maersk Tankers.

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Sheep's wool – a big break for oil cleaning

GreenOil worked with Maersk Line to develop an oil filter, which after proving its worth is being installed on the Triple-E vessels. Sheep’s wool is now poised for commercial success.

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