Maersk in Asia

Asia's rise as an economic power has made it the most dynamic region in the world. Maersk Group is active across the continent, operating 10 business units. From China to Kazakhstan, Qatar, India and Vietnam, Maersk supports wealth through long-term investments and the transfer of critical knowledge to local workforces.

Discover how we push boundaries and take responsibility in Asia.
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Changing with China

New trade patterns

From exports to imports

With Chinese consumption on the rise, imported food is in high demand. New Zealand meat and dairy exporter have seen volumes climb sharply.

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Chinese brands go global

From producing goods for foreign brands, Chinese manufacturers are now increasingly producing for their own and taking them global.

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From China to the world

Whether it’s partnering with local businesses to go global, or improving the supply chain of foreign multinational companies in China, Maersk’s activities in the country have impacted its economy and competitiveness.

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Counting sheep to China

New Zealand, despite its distance from world markets, is tapping into the rapidly growing demand for high-protein foods in China, thanks to supply chain efficiencies and reefer technology.

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A supermarket far from home

Every year thousands of Africans go to China to shop. They purchase so much that it takes containers to bring the goods back home, and fellow Africans have set up shops in China to help facilitate the trade.

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Growing with India


Beyond the mega-cities of India

Looking for new growth in India? It may be time to look beyond the huge metropolitan areas of Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai to lesser-known cities such as Nashik, Nagpur and Chandigarh.

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Infrastructure to drive renewed growth

As India seeks to bounce back to the annual growth rates of close to 8% that the country enjoyed until recently, expectations are increasingly linked to the vast hinterland.

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Ugly duckling becomes billion-dollar port

Being a multi-port, Pipavav is an outlier in the APM Terminals’ world of container terminals. After tough beginnings, the port has not only turned profitable; it recently emerged as a billion-dollar company.

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Jobs and Careers at Maersk

Available jobs in Asia

With offices in over 130 countries, Maersk has the scope to help you achieve even your most ambitious career goals. Discover new career opportunities in your local area or wherever you choose in the world.

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Mr Maersk is from India

Arjun Maharaj did not know Maersk when he joined the company. Today, he is the picture of the company, raring to take on the role of Sri Lanka country manager.

12 740

Maersk employees work across our offices in India. Anually we recruit 150–200 cadets.

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Automakers to new markets

The automobile industry is the picture and paradox of globalisation. Its complex supply chains cry for centralisation, but the industry is local by necessity. 

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Boosting a business presence in Myanmar

With a new direct service between China and Myanmar established by MCC Transport and Maersk Line, as well as the country’s first state-of-the-art storage facility by Damco, the Group’s presence in this emerging market is boosted.

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Enabling trade in Asia


Businesses that fit like a glove

By forging strong relationships with loyal customers, Maersk Line and MCC Transport carry the bulk of Malaysia’s rubber glove exports, which comprise over 60% of global volume and facilitate the delivery of a simple but vital medical product worldwide.

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The coffee journey

Your cup of freshly brewed coffee every morning may have travelled from plantations in Indonesia, a leading global coffee exporter that is hoping to further increase volumes.

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Maersk is keen to boost Indonesias furniture trade

Indonesia wants to develop its furniture industry to rival that of China and Vietnam’s, by increasing exports worldwide. In this picture sits Maersk Line facilitating Indonesia’s furniture exports. 

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