Pick a point on the globe, any point, and Maersk won't be far away.

With operations in over 130 countries around the world the Maersk Group provides services to businesses of all sizes and enables them to find their place in the international market. Whether it’s connecting products with consumers, securing a stable supply of energy, or safely transporting the cargo that makes global trade possible, each of these markets has an individual story and requires a unique approach for doing business. Maersk's size and diverse offering in both the shipping and energy industries make it an ideal partner to provide just that.

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All over the world Maersk Group’s scale, local presence, in-depth skills and decades of experience have benefited both emerging and developed regions alike.

From designing new vessels to serve a specific region, to turning marginal and challenging oil fields into commercial successes, or transforming supply chains through trade, investment and services, Maersk’s drive to innovate makes it a strong partner for businesses in every corner of the planet.

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Maersk in Africa

Maersk Markets Africa

Africa’s ‘lion economies’ are creating jobs and prosperity for millions. Yet many challenges persist. Present in 45 countries, Maersk Group continues to invest heavily – in ships, ports, oil rigs and more – to provide the transport and energy infrastructure necessary to keep the continent roaring for decades to come.

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Maersk in Asia

Maersk Markets Asia

Asia‘s rise as an economic power has made it the most dynamic region in the world. Maersk Group is active across the continent, operating 10 business units. From China to Kazakhstan, Qatar, India and Vietnam, Maersk supports wealth through long-term investments and the transfer of critical knowledge to local workforces.

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Maersk in Europe

International careers

Outside Denmark where the Maersk Group headquarters are located, Maersk Group activities are widespread throughout Europe. There is a hub in the Netherlands, where you can find the headquarters of APM Terminals in The Hague, and extensive activities, too in the U.K., Norway and Belgium.

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Maersk in the Americas

Maersk Markets America

Foreign trade and energy have boosted economies throughout Latin America, one of the world’s major growth regions. From the Brazil, to Ecuador, to Mexico, Maersk is helping unleash the region’s potential by harvesting offshore energy resources and facilitating the flow of goods around the globe.

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