In today’s fast-paced world, companies that want to lead have to innovate. At Maersk, we invest heavily in innovation at all levels of our organisation.

Leading through innovation

For us, innovation is a highly focused discipline that aims to deliver better service, protect our employees and the environment, create new business opportunities and ensure cost-effectiveness.

It’s a fundamental mindset throughout our organization, and it drives us to engage with the sharpest minds we can find at universities and research institutes around the globe.

Case stories


Innovation is a prerequisite for continued improvement

Have a look at other examples of Maersk innovation to learn more about how we work.

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Sustainable innovation


Challenging tradition to create new opportunities

In today’s businesses, innovation and sustainability are closely linked and mutually dependent.

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Working with innovation


Innovation is a fundamental part of modern business

If you don’t innovate, you stand still. And in today’s world, standing still means going backwards as others keep moving ahead.

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Energy Efficient Transport Planning

ENERPLAN aims at developing green, logistic decision support tools to assist in reducing energy consumption at Maersk Line, thereby decreasing the impact of container shipping on the environment.

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