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Jobs in Angola  
Angola - Maersk

Believed to have one of the largest ultra deepwater oil reserves in the world, Maersk is just beginning to explore the potential off the coast of Africa’s South West.

In this region we can offer numerous opportunities for ambitious and talented individuals who are looking for shipping careers, oil & gas careers, and more.

Discover Maersk's activities in Angola

Maersk Group companies with substantial activities in Angola include Maersk Oil and Maersk Drilling (energy) and APM Terminals (port services).

Maersk Group interests in Angola are centred primarily on oil and gas. Maersk Oil has made discoveries in the deepwater presalt reserves off Angola, which some believe contain some of the largest ultra deepwater reserves in the world.

The Maersk Group APM Terminals Global Network is also busy on Angola’s coast, currently involved in the development of a new ultra-modern container terminal at Luanda.

Maersk companies in Angola

Maersk Oil, Maersk Drilling and APM Terminals opportunities in Angola are based primarily on and around the coast of Luanda –Angola’s chief seaport and capital city.

Luanda is a bustling African capital – with a multi-cultural population of over five million people.

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