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Deck Cadet Education Programme 
Deck cadet

Education and Training

The Cadet Educational Programme provides you with comprehensive grounding for your work at sea, and for professional life within Maersk.

You will gain theoretical and practical insight into many different areas of vessel operations, including maritime technology, navigation, safety, cargo operations, leadership and management.

Additionally, you will be trained in the Maersk core values, our culture and leadership, and be offered a motivating atmosphere for your own professional development and personal growth.

Who we are looking for

Recruitment criteria vary depending on your country of application. In all our country offices, however, we are looking for motivated, hard-working and enthusiastic young people, with good general health, good eyesight and a school leavers’ certificate (16 plus).

If you are interested applying in Denmark, visit the website where you can apply here.

What we offer

You give us your skills, your enthusiasm and time, and we will give you life-changing experience and opportunity, international travel and world-class training.

The cadet experience is like no other. Professional life on and around the sea is intense, challenging, and offers scope for excitement entirely unavailable in a regular office job. The maritime backdrop is dynamic, beautiful and unpredictable. No two days are ever the same.

Unlike many other training and educational opportunities, you will not work up debt during training. Tuition fees are covered, and student grants are available during study periods. Allowance is paid during periods of on-the-job training. Travel to and from vessels is covered and uniform is provided.

Interested in joining the programme?

You can fill in the online application at any time during the year. Applications are processed and a shortlist drawn up in late autumn/ winter, interviews are held in spring, and the Maersk Cadet Educational Programme starts the following September.

The recruitment process varies from country to country. Please be sure to check the specific application procedures in your local area to make sure you don’t miss any crucial deadlines.

Apply for the Maersk Cadet Scheme now:

Application submission
By submitting your application you agree that Maersk Group receives the right to use your personal information for application purposes only. The data you submit here will remain confidential and is only used for the purposes stated in the data privacy statement.

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