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Social responsibility

Our priorities for social responsibility include labour, human rights, diversity, disaster response and community involvement.

In recent years, we have worked to implement formalised principles and forge partnerships that integrate social responsibility more tightly into our business and our operations. For example, we have created and implemented the Maersk Global Labour Principles – a code of labour standards that applies to all our employees, wherever they work in the world.

We have also taken significant steps in the areas of diversity, disaster relief and community involvement – including forging partnerships and establishing new entities and roles within the company. All of this work underscores our deep commitment to responsible corporate behaviour and good citizenship around the world.

This work is and will remain an on-going journey for Maersk, where we enhance and adapt earlier initiatives an embark on new ones. In 2011, for example, we established the Maersk Human Rights Framework, which is based on the new UN Guiding Principles on Human Rights and Business and will serve as a platform for our work in this area.


This work is and will remain an on-going journey for Maersk