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UPDATE IX: Captain Richard Phillips rescued 
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Media Advisory at 1445 EDT: Media briefing by CEO John Reinhart
Norfolk, Va., April 12, 2009: John Reinhart, President and Chief Executive Officer of Maersk Line, Limited, will brief the media on the rescue of Captain Phillips at 3:30 pm EDT in Norfolk, Va.  Media may also dial in to the briefing at the number below.
Media Briefing with Maersk Line, Limited CEO John Reinhart
Sunday, April 12, 2009 at 3:30 pm EDT
Marriott Waterside Hotel
Norfolk Ballroom #5
235 East Main Street
Norfolk, VA  23510
U.S. call-in: 877.662.3775
International call-in:  +1 574-941-6228
Entry code: 7033510138#


Media advisory at 1345 EDT: Captain Richard Phillips rescued 

Norfolk, Va., April 12, 2009: Maersk Line, Limited was informed by the U.S. government at 1330 EDT today that Captain Richard Phillips has been rescued.  John Reinhart, President and Chief Executive Officer of Maersk Line, Limited, called Captain Phillips’ wife, Andrea, to tell her the good news. The crew of the Maersk Alabama was jubilant when they received word Mr. Reinhart said, “We are all absolutely thrilled to learn that Richard is safe and will be re-united with his family. 

Maersk Line, Limited is deeply grateful to the Navy, the F.B.I. and so many others for their tireless efforts to secure Richard’s freedom.  We join Richard’s family, his crew and his colleagues ashore in celebrating this wonderful news.  We look forward to welcoming him home in the coming days.”

Mr. Reinhart will hold a media briefing in Norfolk, Va., later on Sunday. Details will follow.

The primary contact for information at Maersk Line, Limited is Kevin Speers at +1 (757) 531-7873. Please note this new telephone number.

Maersk Line Limited has established an email address
where concerned persons from around the world may send messages of support for the
captain, crew and families of the Maersk Alabama. The address is:


Media advisory at 10:15 EDT: U.S. Navy sighting of Captain Richard Phillips

Norfolk, Va., April 12, 2009: Maersk Line, Limited was informed this morning that the U.S. Navy had sight contact of Captain Richard Phillips earlier today


Media advisory at 0900 EDT: Update on Maersk Alabama and media briefing by CEO John Reinhart
Norfolk, Va., April 11, 2009: Maersk Line, Limited today announced that the Maersk Alabama is expected to arrive at the Port of Mombasa, Kenya, late on Saturday, April 11, local time.
Representatives of Maersk Line, Limited are in Mombasa from the U.S. to meet the vessel and assist the 19 crewmembers, all U.S. citizens, with onward arrangements.

For security reasons, the vessel will berth in a restricted area of the port and will not be accessible to the media.  FBI officers will debrief members of the crew on board the vessel before they disembark. The crew will not be available to the media in Mombasa. All media inquires should be directed to the Norfolk office of Maersk Line, Limited at the number provided above. No media liaison is available in Mombasa.


Maersk Alabama Situation: 1700 EDT Update

We want to respond to inquiries with the most recent information in a consistent manner.

First of all, we would like to extend to the families of the crew and the captain of the Maersk Alabama our thoughts and prayers.  As mentioned earlier, we remain in continual contact with the families, as well as direct contact with the crew of the Alabama.  These are very trying circumstances for all concerned.  We have been in contact with them providing any information that we can in the attempt to relieve what uncertainties they might have.  We have been as open as  possible with the families about their loved ones.

As you know, it is night time now in Somalia and the Department of Defense is in control of the situation.  The Department of Defense and the Navy are handling any contact with the pirates.

The crew is operating the Alabama and left the area.  This was at the direction of the Navy and deemed to be the safest course of action for all involved and provides the opportunity for some much needed rest for the crew. We have been in touch with the crew and they have been in contact with their families.  The crew is very resilient and we commend them for their professionalism. They continue to show poise in handling a difficult situation and they remain deeply concerned for the  welfare of their captain.

Our primary goal continues to be their safe return, and the safe return of the captain.

The captain remains with the pirates on the lifeboat within full visibility of the USS Bainbridge. The captain has been in touch with the crew and with the USS Bainbridge. He has radio contact and has been provided with additional batteries and provisions. The most recent communication indicates that the captain is unharmed.

There have been many questions about how the crew re-captured the ship and how the captain came to leave the ship.  Our immediate focus has been to bring the current situation to a safe resolution.  There will be time for due diligence and retrospective review once we have the safe return of all parties and the opportunity for a full de-briefing.

With regard to our involvement with federal agencies, we are in direct contact with all related agencies.  In order to honor our commitment to the safety of all parties concerned, we have to refrain from commenting on specific activities.

We would also like to extend our thanks to the public for your expressions of concern and to those of you who have extended your well wishes both to the families and the company.  We appreciate your expressions of faith and confidence for the safe and peaceful of our captain and his crew.


Maersk Alabama Situation: 1300 EDT Update

Norfolk, Va., 9 April 2009: The situation involving the Maersk Alabama and her crew continues to evolve. All of the crewmembers except for the ship’s captain are now safely aboard Maersk Alabama. Maersk Line, Limited remains focused on two goals: to secure the safe release of the ship’s captain and to transit the Maersk Alabama safely to her next port of call, where the crew can be repatriated to the U.S. and reunited with their families. For security reasons, we are not able to share details on the ship’s compliment or schedule, but we can confirm that the ship has left the area. We continue to communicate with crewmembers’ families on the status of their loved ones.

USS Bainbridge, a U.S. Navy Destroyer, is on-site and in contact with the lifeboat where the Alabama’s captain is being held hostage. We continue working closely with the Navy and other government agencies to affect a resolution of this situation. Our primary concern remains the safe return of the captain and our latest communications with the ship indicate that he is unharmed.

We will continue to provide further updates as they become available.

Please contact Maersk Line Limited for further press inquiries:
Maersk Line Limited  + 1 703-351-9200


Maersk Alabama Situation: 0600 EDT Update

Norfolk, Va., 9 April 2009: The current situation involving the Maersk Alabama has remained much the same throughout the night. The ship’s crewmembers have been accounted for and are safely aboard the vessel.  However, the ship’s captain remains in the custody of the pirates, who departed in one of the ship’s encapsulated life boats on April 8.

Our main concern remains the safe return of the captain and our latest communications with the ship indicate that he is unharmed.  We are working closely with all involved government agencies, particularly the U.S. Navy, which has arrived on the scene and is taking the lead in working toward the captain’s release. 

We continue communicate with crewmembers’ families on the status of their loved ones. Family members of current Maersk Alabama crewmembers seeking additional information can contact MLL’s Family Assistance Hotline at 1-888-354-5274.

We will continue to provide further updates as they become available.


We are able to confirm that the crew of the Maersk Alabama is now in control of the ship.  The armed hijackers who boarded this ship earlier today have departed, however they are currently holding one member of the ship's crew as a hostage. The other members of the crew are safe and no injuries have been reported.  We are working closely with the U.S. military and other government agencies to continue to respond to this situation as it develops further and will provide additional information as we are able.


This morning, at around 05.00 UTC, Maersk Alabama, a 1,100 TEU container vessel, was attacked by pirates and presumed hijacked. The US flagged vessel has a crew of 20 US nationals and is owned and operated by Maersk Line, Limited in the US.

The vessel is deployed in Maersk Line's East Africa service network and was enroute to Mombasa, when it was attacked approximately 500 kilometres of the Somalia coast. Our initial concern is to ensure proper support of the crew and assistance to their families.


Maersk Alabama fact sheet

Owned and operated by Maersk Line, Limited (
Capacity: 1,100 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit)
Geared: Yes, two cranes
Length: 155 meters
Width: 25 meters
Deadweight: 17,525 tonnes
Service speed: +18 knots
Build year: 1998
Built in: Taiwan
Flag: US
Home port: Norfolk, VA.

Maersk Alabama is deployed in Maersk Line’s EAF4 (East Africa 4) service. The rotation is Salalah, Djibouti, Mombasa.

Maersk Alabama is carrying 400 twenty-foot containers of  food aid for amongst others WFP (World Food Programme).


In the East Africa trades, Maersk Line transports aid cargo such as vegetable oil, bulgur and general cargo (such as electronics, textiles, cars, etc.).

Maersk Line has 4 services to/from East Africa, connecting to Maersk Line’s global network via Salalah, Oman.

Maersk Line has been present in East Africa in more than 20 years.