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Shipping jobs 
Shipping jobs - Maersk

Transportation is vital to the world’s economy. Practically everything we hold in our hands was grown or manufactured in one location, packaged and distributed to another, and procured, delivered and consumed in yet another.

Over 80 percent of the world’s goods are transported by sea, and Maersk is one of the largest players in the container shipping market. This means that at any one time, there may be hundreds of transport-related vacancies within our group.

If you like the idea of an international working life that revolves around the oceans, and keeps you in touch with people all over the world, then a career within one of Maersk Group’s four companies operating in transport might be just right for you.

The Maersk Group includes the biggest container shipping line in the world

Maersk Group runs four major transportation companies, of which Maersk Line is its biggest. Maersk Line is also the biggest container shipping company in the world – connecting major ports on all continents.

Where do you fit into shipping?

Employed in Maersk Group shipping companies are people with all manner of backgrounds, ranging from recent graduates to experienced professionals.

The job variety is huge, but can be roughly split into two: maritime jobs and commercial jobs. Maritime positions are available for experienced transport industry personnel, or for people who have completed our entry-level shipping programmes. Commercial transport positions are available to people from a broad spectrum of degree disciplines and other backgrounds.

Maritime jobs - Maersk

Maersk Group Transport: Maritime jobs

Transport is the largest business area within the Maersk Group. Every year we recruit hundreds of trainees around the world to train as our future maritime personnel.

If you are looking for a management role at sea, our Officer Training Schemes are open to successful students with A-levels, or your country’s 18+ equivalent qualifications.

If you would like to train as a Deck Seafarer or an Engineering Seafarer, our Deck Cadet and Engineering Cadet Schemes are open to students with a GCSE-level of education (or your country’s 16+ equivalent).

There are also frequent openings across the globe for experienced officers, engineers and seafarers and other qualified shipping personnel.

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Commercial jobsm - Maersk

Maersk Group Transport: Commercial jobs

The entry-level training positions for commercial roles within Maersk include the Maersk International Graduate Programme, which trains you in the business-side of transport, including shipping-centric Sales, Trade & Marketing and Customer Services. These highly sought-after training opportunities are open to recent or relatively recent graduates with a background in commerce, business, law or similar discipline.

Also ideal for ambitious, high-performing graduates is the DAMCO International Graduate Programme.

For more experienced professionals, there is an array of exciting jobs in Sales, Trade, Marketing, Law and Customer Services – for which specific requirements will be posted.

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Maersk Group transportation business units

If you are interested in transport opportunities, we have four major container shipping lines, and a variety of related business units.

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Maersk Group shipping business units - Maersk

The biggest container shipping company in the world, and the Maersk Group’s largest business unit. Maersk Line employs over 25,000 people and is always looking for highly-qualified, ambitious personnel to help contribute to our global success.

Operating in more than 120 countries – with a particularly strong foothold in Africa, the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent. Safmarine employs individuals with a similar profile to the Maersk Line staff – a balance of exceptional, highly-qualified maritime and commercial personnel.

Our shipping company dedicated to the Intra-European market, including the entire Mediterranean, Russia and the Baltics. Opportunities within Seago Line are for both maritime and commercial staff.

MCC Transport has an expansive, competitive Intra-Asian shipping network. Maritime and commercial opportunities in this region are regularly advertised.

APM Terminals is our port-management and terminal-operations specialist. Operating with 25,000 employees in 68 countries, there are regular opportunities for entry-level and experienced port-technical and commercial staff.

The combined brand of the Maersk Group’s logistics activities, involved in supply chain management and freight forwarding solutions all over the world. With offices in more than 93 countries, and 10,800+ employees, there are many opportunities for an interesting career here.