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What is a browser cookie?

A browser cookie is a small data file transmitting information to the user's browser, with as purpose to authenticate or identify the user. A cookie cannot collect information from the user's computer or carry any viruses.

Cookies are normally stored on your PC and may contain information such as registration data, user preferences and enabling basic website functionalities.

Cookie Usage will not save cookies unless you have accepted them. is using several cookies, which enable the user to experience the information provided in an optimal way and to help us to maximize the user-friendliness of our website. Additional cookies from third parties may occur, as for example enabling streaming of YouTube movies, PDF readers, Adobe Flash functionalities etc.

When a server receives a request from a browser that has a cookie, the server is then able to use the information stored in the cookie. For example, the server might be able to customize what is sent back to the user, or keep a log of particular user's requests.

Browser Cookies on

We use cookies for the above purposes only. is using the following cookies:

  • Google Analytics uses cookies to define user sessions, as well as to provide a number of key features in the Google Analytics reports for Google Analytics sets or updates cookies to collect data required for these reports. Additionally, Google Analytics mainly uses first-party cookies which means that only cookies coming from as domain will be collected. If you would like to use the Google Analytics opt out tool please click here
  • YouTube Cookies - To be able to stream several available YouTube movies on our website, automated YouTube cookies are send to your browser for functionality support.
  • Addthis Cookies - Addthis cookies enable the visitors of our website to use several available social media features, like sending or recommending an interesting page to a friend.

Accepted cookies can always be deleted and or disabled after acceptance of the cookies. Please refer to your browser's help file to determine your browser's settings.

If you would like to know more concerning general regulations please follow underneath links.

Link to EU Cookie Directive information page (in English)

Link to EU Cookie Directive notification (PDF in English)

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